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5.312: Multiple Undergraduate Majors/Degrees

Responsible Entity: OVCAA

Policy Language

With approval as outlined below, UH Mānoa students may pursue simultaneous multiple undergraduate majors or degrees in one or more schools and colleges at UH Mānoa. Approval must be granted by all of the schools or colleges involved.

Schools and colleges establish their own standards and procedures for allowing students to seek multiple undergraduate majors or degrees. These standards and procedures must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, should ensure minimal to no overlap between multiple majors and degrees, and should address timely graduation. It is recommended that students who are requesting approval be required to submit an academic plan and/or written justification.

There are five basic components to baccalaureate degree programs: (a) the General Education core requirements (i.e., Foundations and Diversification); (b) the General Education graduation requirements (i.e., Hawaiian/Second Language, Focus, and credit requirements); (c) degree requirements; (d) individual college or school requirements; and an academic specialization comprising a major; as well as electives that complement the other requirements. Multiple undergraduate major and degree requirements are subject to the following:

  1. Students pursuing multiple majors or degrees must complete all five components for each school or college involved.
  2. Shared General Education core requirements, General Education graduation requirements, degree requirements, and college requirements may count towards multiple majors/degrees.
  3. The same course(s) may not be used to satisfy major requirements of multiple programs unless the same specific course is a shared requirement.
  4. Students must complete at least 15 credits of each of the multiple majors and degrees at UH Mānoa.
  5. The decision to admit students into multiple undergraduate major or degree programs is at the discretion of the schools and colleges involved, as stipulated by the schools’/colleges’ standards and procedures (see above). Prior completion of all or most of the requirements does not compel approval. Schools and colleges may rescind approval for students who do not follow their proposed plan and thereby delay graduation.

To request approval to pursue multiple majors or degrees, students will contact their individual academic advisor.

To request approval to pursue multiple majors or degrees, students will consult with their current academic advisor and the proposed secondary major department’s advisor to create an academic plan. After approving the plan, both advisors as well as the secondary major department/college’s Student Academic Services will complete and sign the UHM-3: Application for Multiple Undergraduate Majors and/or Degrees form.