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APDF relies on funds from a variety of sources to provide the rich experiences that make the Festival a unique and rewarding experience. They include ticket sales, grant funds, co-sponsorship agreements and individual donations. We are proud of the growing community of individual donors and would love to add you to our list.
Donations are tax-deductible and can be made by phone or through our secure online donation form.

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To donate by phone, please call the University of Hawai‘i Foundation at 808-376-7800.

Friends of Asia Pacific Dance Festival

The following are individuals who provide support between 2019 and 2022 for this year’s Festival.

Peggy G. Adams
Ann Asakura
Eric W. Chang
Rai Saint
Anne Corby
Richard A. Criley
Carolyn H. Eguchi
Wilbert K. Eguchi
William Feltz
Mary Jo Freshley
Halla Huhm Foundation
Jody M. Huckaby
Jason Ihm
Gene H. Inoshita
Nina S. Jones
Daniel H. Katayama
Karina Kehaulani Lok
Matthew Moy
Faith Rex
Stephen Tschudi
Judy Van Zile
Lyndon Wester
Joan M. Yamasaki

Organizational Supporters of Asia Pacific Dance Festival

East-West Center Arts ‘Ohana | Hawaii Pacifi c Rim Society | Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies

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