Want to learn Okinawan language? New elementary Okinawan class available next semester!

November 15, 2018

In Spring 2019 semester, Dr. Stewart Curry will offer an introductory Okinawan language class. For those interested, this will be a perfect opportunity to immerse into Okinawan language. Please check it out!
East Asian Languages & Literatures (EALL) 197—Elementary Okinawan
The class will introduce students to the Okinawan language of Naha, the capital city
of Okinawa Prefecture. Some reference will be made as well to the classical/aristocratic/literary Shuri variety and its role in the performing arts and poetry/song traditions of Okinawa. The class meets three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and features instruction in Okinawan pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, sentence patterns, and conversations. CRN: 89018 (3 credits)
Prerequisites: The course presumes an interest in the Okinawan language and a willingness to work hard, but no prior experience with Okinawan is required. All required materials are in romanized Okinawan and English.
Instructor: Dr. Stewart Curry
An ADA-friendly pdf version is available through this link below
A poster advertising Elementary Okinawan Language Class

EALL (East Asian Languages and Literatures) 197 Elementary Okinawan Course Flyer (jpeg version)



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