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Our Student Affairs Research Approach

Native Hawaiian Student Services (NHSS) values learning more about our Hawaiian students in an attempt to better serve them and build a university designed to suit the needs, aspirations and goals for Hawaiian students and our broader lāhui. As such, we are interested in better understanding the connections between Hawaiian student access and success and our collective social, political and legal conditions and goals as a lāhui.

  • How do social conditions, networks, or systems contribute to Hawaiian wellbeing and student access & success?
  • What does Native Hawaiian student success mean to students, families, faculty and community?

Hawaiian Student Data

From 2008 until 2013, NHSS produced annual Native Hawaiian Student Profile reports documenting enrollment, registration, and graduation data on Native Hawaiian students across the University of Hawaiʻi System. The data is culled from the University of Hawaiʻi System Institutional Research Office (IRO) Operational Data Store (ODS). Although we have not done the Native Hawaiian Student Profile reports more recently, we do plan to start the series again in Fall 2018.



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