Native Hawaiian Student Services ʻŌiwi Undergraduate Research Fellowship Summer 2020

The NHSS ʻŌiwi Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides paid research opportunities for Native Hawaiian undergraduates at UH Mānoa from all disciplines and majors. Supporting the development of student scholars is critical to Native Hawaiian Student Servicesʻ mission to prepare students to build upon the legacy of excellence from our ancestors in order to be responsive to the needs and ʻauamo the kuleana of our time.

Through this program students will develop research and critical thinking skills by working on a project under the mentorship of a faculty person. Each fellowship supports approximately 370 hours of paid project time for the student that should be worked throughout the course of the summer. Each faculty mentor will receive a stipend as well.

This program is supported by Title III federal funding aimed to support Native Hawaiian students. To apply, please fill out the form below and submit no later than May 1st, 2020. If you have any questions or need help with your application, please contact program coordinator, ʻIlima Long, at You can also zoom in to NHSS office hours daily at 12 noon at


Current Research Opportunities


Kanikau: Songs for the Soul

Open to any undergraduates, Hawaiian language knowledge preferred but not required. 

Looking for undergraduate students to work on a project to locate kanikau and related articles in Hawaiian language newspapers, transcribe chants, and assist in expanding our current database.

Kanikau are the largest genre of chant published in Hawaiian language nūpepa. They are important sources of genealogy, of place, wind and rain names. These chants were composed by Hawaiians of many different backgrounds. Students will learn about the chant genre, by helping us to review and catalog these sources. Students can use their time this summer working with me to understand these chants, their significance and how they can be incorporated into historical research of interest to them. Advanced language students can also work with me on developing their skill in translation.

Mentor: Dr. Noelani Arista. Department of History, UHM


HEA: Hawaiian Evangelical Association Letters
Open to undergraduates, Hawaiian language knowledge preferred but not required.

Looking for undergraduate students interested in working on a new project to transcribe the largest collection of Hawaiian language letters at the Hawaiian Mission Childrenʻs Society Archives. Students will be trained in transcription and will be assigned letters written by one writer to transcribe. When the assigned folder is complete, they will be assigned another folder. Students who are fluent in Hawaiian will be assigned folders to work with which are more complex. Fourth year students may be asked to focus some of their time on another project helping to categorize data ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. Students wishing to learn more about life in the Hawaiian Kingom during this period, can focus on a writer of their choice and work with me on how to research and write a biographical essay.

Mentor: Dr. Noelani Arista. Department of History, UHM.



Please read through these pre-application guidelines and check each box once read.

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