Lāhui Hawaiʻi Research Center Student Conference 2021

Lāhui Hawaiʻi Research Center Student Conference
Thursday, March 18th & Friday, March 19th, 2021 via Zoom
ʻIke 2020: A conference for undergraduate and graduate students at UHM
It is a pleasure to invite you to ‘Ike 2020, a conference organized by the Lahui Hawaii Research Center under Native Hawaiian Student Services. The conference will take place online via Zoom from March 18-20th. The conference will be half-day on each of the 2 days and will include a range of presentation formats, including keynote presentations and break-out sessions.
This time last year, we sent out a similar announcement with the conference theme ʻIke 2020, inspired by a culmination of events that have caused major shifts in both the political and social landscape of Hawaiʻi. Last year, we hoped our conference would help to illuminate the expanse of Hawaiian knowledge that has facilitated a sense of intellectual clarity among the lāhui, igniting action and invigorating the proliferation of a Hawaiian national consciousness. In this time of rapid change, a commitment to ʻike Hawaiʻi guides our visions of sustainable and just futures for both Hawaiʻi and the world. Today, this theme is still relevant as we reflect back on the huli and hulihia of 2020.
As this year’s theme, ʻIke 2020 is a call for presentations on scholarship that addresses the importance of engaging in kuleana to continue the growth of both Hawaiian knowledge and a Hawaiian national consciousness. This is a call for presentations on scholarship done by undergraduate and graduate students who engage in this kuleana in order to build sustainable futures for the next generations to come. We also invite presentations on scholarship that engage the huli of our time and possibilities for our future.
Although presentations are limited to UH System students and faculty, registration is open to both the UH community and the general Hawaiian community. Registration is free! The first 200 conference registrations will receive a free pin (sent after conference attendance).
For any questions or concerns, please contact us at lhrccon@hawaii.edu.

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Call for abstracts! All undergraduate and graduate student presentations submit here!