HYA 2019: Italy & England

Of the 18 students in the original 19th century Hawaiian Youths Abroad program, 5 studied in Italy, more than any other country. Following in their footsteps, the 2nd annual Hawaiian Youths Abroad program traveled to London, England then to Turin and Naples, Italy.

The program involved two 3-credit courses (6 credits total) and a 2 week Faculty Sponsored Study Tour.

EDEA 460E: Topics in Emergent Paradigms of Leadership (Nalani Balutski) – 3 credits

ES 410: Race, Class & the Law (Willy Kauai) – 3 credits

Program Itinerary

June 17: Courses start at Mānoa
June 24 – July 2: Research break (heavy readings & research assignments)
July 3: Courses resume at Mānoa
July 17: Departure for London
July 25: Departure for Italy
August 3: Program Ends in Italy, Return to Honolulu
August 14: Program Hōʻike in Honolulu