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On the surface, the Kekaulike Summer Bridge Program is an intensive program offered to 20 students each summer with priority given to Maui college transfer students. The program is an important opportunity for incoming transfer students to orient themselves to the specific resources and challenges that exist at UHM. This formal academic orientation happens in the classroom of their three-credit Hawaiʻi focused course, a myriad of campus tours, and academic presentations. While these components of the summer bridge program as essential parts of preparing transfer students for overall academic success, a massive strength of this program comes from paring the academic portion of the bridge with the co-curricular activities.

During Summer Session 2 the Kekaulike Summer Bridge Program provides a residential or commuter track with a collection of student affairs workshops that are meant to orient students to UHM in order to increase their chance of retention and eventual graduation, the co-curricular activities are meant to familiarize students with Mānoa and Oʻahu beyond the university and disorient students to Hawaiʻi’s status quo. Workshops rooted in identity building, resistance and activism are offered to students by a collection of community leaders, artists and activists to radicalize students and to give incoming transfer students the tools to envision beyond the current occupation of Hawai’i. Taken together, a typical Kekaulike Summer Bridge student should finish the intensive with a community, the appropriate knowledge and skills to navigate UHM resources successfully, and a growing sense of identity and kuleana.



The Kekaulike Summer Bridge Program is an intensive summer program designed to prepare Native Hawaiian community college students for the transition to the University of Hawaii, Mānoa campus. Students will have the option to dorm on campus or commute to UH Mānoa (see Summer Bridge Program Tracks). The Kekaulike Summer Bridge Program has been specifically structured to support Native Hawaiian community college students in successfully completing their baccalaureate degree and beyond.

Summer Bridge Program Benefits

  • All expenses paid; summer dormitory housing and meal plan (varied depending on track students apply for)
  • All expenses paid – Kekaulike Summer Bridge Program credit courses
  • POLS 301 – Hawaiʻi Politics (H & DS; taught by Dr. Jamaica Osorio)
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with Native Hawaiian scholars and community leaders
  • Campus orientation tours
  • Huaka’i (field trips) to various Hawaiian cultural sites that are vital to a healthy and successful college life at UH Mānoa
  • Workshops designed to increase academic preparedness, wellness, and cultural enrichment

Who is eligible?

  • All Hawai’i community college students either accepted for Fall 2019, or planning to enter UH Mānoa in Spring 2020
  • Preference given to University of Hawaiʻi Maui College students
  • Community college students of Native Hawaiian ancestry

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