Outreach Efforts

NHSS Outreach efforts are organized to support the recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students to Hawaiʻinuiākea programs of study, and the matriculation/preparation of students into UH Mānoa.  We fulfill our mission by building ʻauwai – or educational pathways – that connect families and students to a variety of relationships and resources that can support their unique needs.

In order to accomplish our goals, we organize various types of college support for high school, community college, transfer students, and their families.  Additionally, we participate in community-driven processes for organizing educational resources, developing connections with community organizations, and building educational advocacy.

We participate in a wide range of activities that include:

  • Planning ongoing college/career prep programs for families and students
  • Participating in school events/fairs
  • Custom Presentations at Schools/Community Colleges/Community Programs
  • Organizing Group Visits

If you have a general request, please contact nhss@hawaii.edu

Customized Group Visits

Customized Group Visits are offered through Native Hawaiian Student Services to create connections between schools, community organizations, Hawaiʻinuiākea, and UH System opportunities.  We can customize your visit based on your purpose and on the interests of your students.

Visits are shaped to provide college prep support and experiential practices that provide insight into various aspects of higher education for visiting students.   The content of visit plans is rooted in cultural foundations and designed to increase awareness of and accessibility to university/community resources.

School coordinators will select 3-5 department preferences that they might be interested in visiting. A list of majors is provided to assist in making selections.

In the past, the following have been some of the departments that interested students:

  • Custom College 101 Session & Student Panel: Intro to College & Q & A Session with College Students
  • Academy of Creative Media: Screening student movies, and discussing Art & Media with faculty
  • Art Department: Demos of Ceramics & Glass Blowing,
  • Athletics Department: Tour, Student-Athlete Visit
  • Hamilton Library: Visiting the Largest Library in Hawaii, Checking Out Special Collections – Pacific Island & Hawaiian
  • Collections Materials
  • Hawaiian Language – Interactive custom course provided by faculty, learning about the history of pidgin/Hawaiian Language
  • Hawaiian Studies – Kānewai: Working within the Taro Patch on Campus

If you are interested in setting up a customized group visit – please submit the Group Campus Visit Google Form.