Mission & Vision

Native Hawaiian Student Services (NHSS) prepares Hawaiian students to build upon a legacy of excellence, with creativity and confidence, in order to fulfill the kuleana of their time, thereby leading Hawaiʻi into a thriving, life affirming, de-occupied future.

Our programs are designed to improve institutional access, student-faculty engagement, research, leadership, and success, by fostering Hawaiian identities and cultivating Hawaiian scholarship.

Growing Hawaiian Leaders

Strengthening Hawaiian Research

Empowering the Lāhui

Learning Outcomes

Our student and university learning outcomes are:

  • Students recognize they are a part of and have kuleana to continue a legacy of Hawaiian intellectual and professional excellence.
  • Students are able to recognize social, economic & political contradictions and take action to provide informed solutions.
  • Students access institutional resources and support services and are able to navigate the University system and the degrees offered within—from “K” through Kuleana.
  • Students actualize the concept of aloha ʻāina as a methodology for their research for moving Hawaiʻi toward a life-affirming de-occupied future.
  • University system acknowledges (and is materially committed to) its complicity in the occupation of Hawaiʻi and the institutional barriers that have resulted in limited access to higher education for Hawaiian students.