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Native Hawaiian Success Pathway

 ʻO ke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kūkulu.


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Generally, time-to-degree (or the amount of time it takes for an undergraduate student to complete their degree) has decreased, reflecting an improvement at UH Mānoa in time-to-degree rates. For NH students these rates have fluctuated over the last five years. On average, students who start at UH Mānoa as first-time full-time freshmen earn a bachelor’s degree in less than 5 years. Comparably, all first-time full-time freshmen on average earn their degree in 3.67 years. On average, it takes NH students 4 years to complete a college degree.

Persistence Rate

At UH Mānoa, the persistence rate combines retention and graduation rates and is considered a measure for overall success. From 2015-2019 there has been an increase in UH Mānoa’s persistence rates for all undergraduate students, as well as for NH undergraduate students in particular. However, for the 2020 cohort (freshmen who started in fall 2020), the 1-year persistence rate for NH students was 82.3%, while for all UH Mānoa undergraduate students it was 83%, which is lower than in previous years.

Financial Aid

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In 2021, of the total financial aid dollars awarded to NH students, 27% were Pell grants, 1% were federal work-study, 2% were other federal grants, and 70% were state and institutional grants or scholarships. 

Degree Attainment

In the 2021 fiscal year, 4,461 degrees were awarded to students at UH Mānoa. Of these degrees, 680 were earned by NH students. So in the 2021 fiscal year, 15.2% of degrees awarded were earned by NH students.

Degree Attainment Breakdown

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In the 2021 fiscal year, 486 bachelor’s degrees, 132 master’s degrees, 10 research doctoral degrees, and 39 professional doctoral degrees were earned by NH students.

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