Korean Language Flagship Center establishes King Sejong Institute Honolulu

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Posted: Oct 2, 2014

King Sejong Institute logo
King Sejong Institute logo
Ho-Min Sohn
Ho-Min Sohn

The Korean Language Flagship Center (KLFC) of the UHM Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures recently won a prestigious pilot grant from the King Sejong Institute Foundation, an entity of the Korean government, to promote the Korean language through teaching outside the university. The grant effectively establishes the King Sejong Institute Honolulu, which will be one of only six such institutes in the U.S.

Support by the Korean government reaffirms that the Korean Language Flagship Center is respected among higher learning institutions throughout the country. The King Sejong Institute Honolulu will further enhance the flagship’s reputation, and will recognize the importance and influence of this global language.

Initial funding will allow KLFC to train adults and high school students in elementary and intermediate levels of Korean language and culture. Noncredit classes will be taught throughout the year on the Mānoa campus for three hours per week. Lesson topics will range from Korean food to K-dramas.

Adult offerings are part of KLFC's community outreach efforts, while high school courses will help KLFC attract students to its premier and highly effective curriculum. Successful program implementation by faculty will garner renewed and additional grants from the King Sejong Institute Foundation.

Professor Ho-Min Sohn is the director of the King Sejong Institute Honolulu. Dr. Dong-Kwan Kong and Lydia Chung are program coordinators.

For more information, see the website at http://koreanflagship.manoa.hawaii.edu/programs/sejonghonolulu.html

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