Honolulu to Host Fourth International Symposium on Asia-Pacific Architecture - April 5-7, 2001

University of Hawaiʻi
Heidi Chang,
UH School of Architecture
Posted: Mar 23, 2001

You can participate in sharing ideas to design a better future in theupcoming Fourth International Symposium on Asia-Pacific Architectureheld on April 5-7.

Note: Due to the anticipated faculty strike at the University of Hawaii, this event has been moved to the Japanese Cultural Center, located at 2454 S. Beretania St. Call 956-3469, 956-7084, or 956-3461 for more information.

"Sensible Design and Smart Practice" is the title ofthe symposium, which will focus on the theme "Technology, Innovation,and Entrepreneurial Design Practice: New Paradigms for a Changing GlobalEconomy." This is the only architectural conference of its kindthat brings together professionals and academics in a continuing seriesof conferences held in the Asia-Pacific region.

The symposium will explore new architectural technologies originatingfrom Hawaiʻi to Hong Kong. Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris says, "Thisinternational seminar, which brings together government and private industryprofessionals, gives us an opportunity for meaningful exchange and providesa broader design perspective, bringing economic and environmental realitiesinto focus.

"We live in a constantly changing market," Mayor Harris added."The essence of this three-day exchange is an agreement that in orderfor our civilization to prosper, there needs to be positive collaborationon a global scale."

An international panel of speakers will be featured, including acclaimedAustralian architect Glenn Murcutt, winner of the 2000 Kenneth F. BrownAsia-Pacific Culture and Architecture Design Award; Hawaiʻi engineer AlfredYee, who pioneered the use of pre-cast concrete in construction; and renownedMalaysian architect, Ken Yeang, who is known for incorporating bio-climaticprinciples in ecological building design.

Registration for the three-day conference is $350.00. A daily rate isalso available. For more information about the symposium contact:

The Fourth International Symposium on Asia-Pacific Architecture
University of Hawaiʻi School of Architecture
2410 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 956-7084 or (808) 956-3461
E-mail: archsymp@hawaii.edu

Register on-line at the Symposium Web site: http://web1.arch.hawaii.edu/events/symposium4/