"Behind & Beyond the Student Newspaper : A 2001 Symposium on Student Journalism" to be held this month

University of Hawaiʻi
Posted: Jan 30, 2001

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo and the Hawaiʻi Community College Boardof Student Publications are hosting a journalism conference on February23 and 24, 2001 for Big Island high school students and college studentsstatewide. The conference fee is $25. The deadline to register is February9.

The purpose of this event is to gather professional journalists, publicrelations specialists, educators, students and community members to sharetheir journalistic ideas and inspirations. Professional photographers andjournalists will give presentations and workshops on various fields in journalism.

Among the noted names in journalism taking part in the conference are:Robert Miller, former United Press International reporter; David Shapiro,former managing editor of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin; PF Bentley, TIME photographer;Eugene Tao, former editor of the Hawaiʻi Tribune-Herald; and Jay Hartwell,UH Manoa's student newspaper advisor. Many other professionals will sharetheir expertise with conference participants at round table discussionsduring lunch on Saturday, February 24.

The conference will also include several workshops designed to enhanceand enrich the skills of those aspiring to work in the newspaper and journalismfield. A workshop on Web publishing for student newspapers will give participantsinsights into publishing their student newspaper on the World Wide Web.For the avid photographer, Bentley will be sharing his and other journalisticphotographer's techniques and information on updated photography equipment.Tao will be focusing on the different styles of managerial leadership andthe situations that are both appropriate and inappropriate.

In light of the culturally diverse environment, Arnold Hiura from MBFTMedia will address diversity issues in publishing. Examples of publicationsand articles that have successfully depicted the diversity of Hawaiʻi andits people will be discussed. Additionally, beginning and advanced newswritingwill be presented by Hunter Bishop, general assignment reporter of the HawaiʻiTribune-Herald, and Hugh Clark, the Honolulu Advertiser's Big Island bureauchief. Standards in newswriting, creative writing and other journalism writingwill be discussed along with tips on how to successfully develop writingskills.

Jay Hartwell will present techniques and methods on advising, teachingand motivating aspiring student journalists. Jeanine Atebara, advising directorof the Hawaiʻi Tribune-Herald, will explore successful ways of marketing,advertising and distributing publications.

In addition to workshops, participants will have a chance to participatein competitions. Student newspaper organizations are asked to submit publicationscontaining their best stories and features between August 2000 and January2001. Submissions are limited to two publications and winners will havetheir story printed in an issue of the Hawaiʻi Tribune-Herald and UH Hilo'sKe Kalahea student newspaper.

For registration applications and general information, contact CourtneyAlbin via email (c.o.u.r.t@usa.net) or call Susan Yugawa at (808) 974-7571.

For special accommodations, please contact Ellen Kusano at 974-7499 or974-7335 (TTY) by February 9, 2001.