University of Hawai'i Student Wins National Microbiology Research Fellowship

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Posted: Dec 13, 2001

WASHINGTON, D.C.- University of Hawai'i at Manoa student Aaron Justin Small was recently selected as one of 12 recipients of the 2001 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Minority Undergraduate Research Fellowship (MURF).

Small was selected from 76 applicants competing for fellowships. Each fellow receives a $2,500 stipend, a one-year ASM student membership and reimbursement for travel expenses to the ASM General Meeting.

Applicants selected were placed in two types of fellowship programs. In the traditional model, fellows are placed at a U.S. institution of their choice to conduct research. In the community-based model, clusters of five to eight fellows are placed at the same institution. Under both programs, fellows conduct research for eight to 12 weeks, and they also have the opportunity to participate in activities held by the host institution.

Small was placed into the traditional model, and will be conducting his research on "Conjunction as a Mechanism for hpyII Restriction-Modification System Transfer in Helicobacter pylori," with his mentor, Martin Blaser, from the New York University-Sackler Institute. He will present his results at the 2002 ASM General Meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The ASM-MURF program is aimed at highly competitive students who wish to and have demonstrated the ability to pursue graduate careers in microbiology. For more information about this student fellowship, visit

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