Report of Announcements Made at the November 16th University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents (BOR) Meeting

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University & Community Relations
Posted: Nov 20, 2001

The University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents (BOR) held
their monthly meeting today at Kauaʻi Community College. The following
recommendations were approved:

Lease Agreement for Office and Training Space

The BOR approved a request by the administration to enter into a three-year
lease agreement with the Lawrence Lit Wai Chan and Linda Yee Wah Chan Revocable
Living Trusts for the lease of approximately 3,410 square feet of office and
training space at the Kopiko Plaza in Kailua-Kona for use in the non-credit
training programs offered by Hawaiʻi Community College.

Repurchase of Kauʻiokahaloa Iki Units

The BOR approved a request by the administration to purchase Unit 108 in Kauʻiokahaloa
Iki from the faculty owner according to the terms described and that the administration
be authorized to enter into similar repurchase agreements with the remaining
three faculty owners of units in Kauʻiokahaloa Iki with the understanding
that Board approval will be required if, upon consultation with the Board, the
terms are determined to be substantially different from the repurchase of Unit

New Master and Supplemental Bond Resolutions

The BOR approved a request to adopt a new master bond resolution entitled, "A
Resolution Creating and Establishing a Network Consisting of a University System,
Including Certain University Projects, and University Purposes, of the Board
of Regents, University of Hawaiʻi," (hereafter referred to as the
2001 Resolution) and a supplemental resolution entitled, "A Supplemental
Resolution Authorizing the Exchange of $655,000 Principal Amount Outstanding
of Board of Regents, University of Hawaiʻi, University System Revenue Bonds,
Series D," (the Supplemental Resolution). The 2001 Resolution would replace
the existing bond resolution adopted in 1973 and authorizes the refunding of
all outstanding "System Revenue Bonds" except the exchange of approximately
$655,000 principal amount of System Revenue Bonds originally issued to the United
States government in 1973 at the rate of 3%.

The Supplemental Resolution authorizes the exchange of a principal amount not
to exceed $655,000 of Series D Revenue Bonds, with a like principal amount of
Series 2001A bonds and secured under the 2001 Resolution.

Renaming of the Hawaiian Studies Program at the University of Hawaiʻi
at Manoa

At its October 2001 meeting, the Board of Regents, at the request of the administration,
named the facilities housing the UH Manoa Center for Hawaiian Studies in honor
of former University of Hawaiʻi Regent, Gladys K. ʻAinoa Brandt. During
the Board‘s discussions, testimonies were received expressing support for
the naming of the Hawaiian Studies program in honor of Regent Emeritus Brandt.
The Board subsequently directed the administration to consider this additional
matter and to forward its recommendations to the Board.

At today‘s meeting the BOR approved a recommendation to rename the Hawaiian
Studies Program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa, Kamakakuokalani
— Gladys K. ʻAinoa Brandt Center for Hawaiian Studies.

Legislative Proposals, 2002 Legislature

The BOR approved the legislative proposals to the 2002 State Legislature with
the understanding that the Board must approve any substantive changes. The proposed
legislative bills are designed to address identified needs and would:

· Authorize the University to agree to indemnify provisions in contracts;

· Appropriate funds for payment of settlement of claims;

· Grant the BOR flexibility to construct and maintain University projects;

· Appropriate funds for disaster public higher education programs;

· Authorize the expenditure of funds from the Hawaiʻi educator loan program;

· Exempt employees in bargaining unit 7, faculty of the UH and the community
college system, from the grievance procedure.

Gifts, Grants, and Contracts

The BOR accepted a report on gifts, grants, and contracts received by the UH
System during the period of September 16 through October 15, 2001. It was reported
that 221 extramural awards have been awarded to the University of Hawaiʻi
system for a total dollar value of $40.3 million. Last year, 175 awards with
a total value of $31.9 million were received in the same time period. This constitutes
a 26% increase in the number of awards and a 27% increase in the total value.