‘Imiloa celebrates Hawai‘i Island through 15th birthday


University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo
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Posted: Feb 16, 2021

‘Imiloa Astronomy Center
‘Imiloa Astronomy Center

Link to video and sound (details below): https://bit.ly/3aQ4eVe

The public is invited to join ʻImiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i in celebrating 15 years of exploration February 20–March 19, 2021. “Celebrating Our Great Outdoors” will be a month-long event for the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo outreach organization, with hands-on learning opportunities and virtual engagement for all. Diverse activities and events will encourage Hawaiʻi Island families (and others) to explore nature and outdoor spaces, both online and physically, with a kickoff (drive-up) event at ‘Imiloa and subsequent pop-up locations at KTA Super Stores throughout Hawai‘i Island.

“We’re very excited to be celebrating ʻImiloa’s 15th anniversary and welcome everyone to participate in the activities that we have planned,” said Executive Director Kaʻiu Kimura. “This year we’re celebrating the great outdoors and Hawaiʻi Island—the amazingly rich and diverse island that we call home.” 

The birthday celebration will start off with a goodie bag pick up at ‘Imiloa on Saturday, February 20, 9–11 a.m. Celebrants can drive up to the front door of ʻImiloa and receive a bag that includes a specially developed Palapala Holoholo (an explorer’s journal), an ʻImiloa Explorer Kit, KTA cookies and a kalo plant from the ʻImiloa garden (to be replanted at home). When attending the ʻImiloa birthday drive-up, participants are asked to remain in their vehicles while ʻImiloa staff hand off birthday supplies through the passenger window. 

Palapala Holoholo

The word “palapala” in Hawaiian is representative of any kind of documentation; to write, to journal, and even to print or make drawings or designs. The word “holoholo” in Hawaiian means to go for a walk, ride, sail or stroll; for leisurely adventures and pleasant travels. 

The Palapala Holoholo is a journal filled with tips, trails, ʻImiloa-curated activities and safety information that encourages participants to explore four outdoor hiking spots across the island—Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, Kaulana Manu Nature Trail, Pololū Valley, and the Puʻu Waʻawaʻa Dry Land Forest. The ʻImiloa Explorer Kit is a complement to the Palapala Holoholo filled with six different crafts to stimulate and assist keiki in active observation while exploring these unique parts of the island. 

A more extensive digital version of the Palapala Holoholo will be available on the ʻImiloa website, as well as free downloadable prints and tutorial videos for crafts from the ʻImiloa Explorer Kit. 

Popups at KTA locations

KTA Super Stores is sponsoring the 15th birthday celebration. Following the birthday drive-up on February 20, ʻImiloa will be sharing more birthday goodie bags at a variety of KTA locations across the island on select Saturdays. 

“We are excited to host ʻImiloa's birthday pop-up stations at our stores and encourage everyone to check them out when they are here,” said Toby Taniguchi, KTA Super Stores president and chief operating officer. “We wish ʻImiloa many more years of success and birthday celebrations. Happy birthday and congratulations, ʻImiloa!” 

Interested individuals are also encouraged to enter social media contests that will be promoted throughout the month-long event. Be sure to follow ʻImiloa on Facebook and Instagram. Details for contest entries, KTA pop-up dates and the February 20 birthday drive-up can be found online on ʻImiloa’s website. 

“We want to thank KTA Super Stores for their continued support of ʻImiloa, and in particular our birthday,” said Kimura. “KTA provides invaluable support to not only ʻImiloa, but to numerous organizations and schools throughout our island community.” 


B-ROLL: (1 minute, 33 seconds)

0:00-0:12 - ‘Imiloa team reviewing digital version of Palapala Holoholo

0:12-0:21 - Visuals of the Palapala Holoholo print version

0:21-0:45 - ‘Imiloa team reviewing the “‘Imiloa Explorer’s Kit.”

0:45-1:03 - Exteriors of ‘Imiloa

1:03 - 1:33 - Interior of ‘Imiloa


Ka‘iu Kimura, ‘Imiloa executive director (12 seconds)

“This year we are celebrating the great outdoors on Hawai‘i island.  The amazing rich, diverse island that we live on, the natural landscapes that we have to learn from, observe from and be fortunate to live in.”

Kimura (notes ‘Imiloa is currently closed due to COVID) (15 seconds)

“But we do have a whole variety of fun engaging educational activities that everybody can participate in and we encourage you to participate.  Please go to our website Imiloahawaii.org for more information.  Mahalo nui loa.”

For more information, visit: http:///imiloahawaii.org/15th-birthday