Sejong Korean Music Orchestra Performs Works Yoomee Baek

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“The Ojakyo Project” is a program to promote creative new music with orchestras and composers supported by the Korean Culture and Arts Commission.
Yoomee was selected as a composer for the two-year project from 2021 to 2022, and this year’s second Ojakyo project will be carried out with the Sejong Korean Music Orchestra.
“Unlike other Korean traditional music orchestras, the Sejong Korean Music Orchestra includes several Western instruments that are harmonized with Korean traditional music instruments.
While working on the composition, I thought a lot about the harmony of Korean and West instruments along with the traditional techniques and forms. In addition, I put a lot of effort into making music that can reach the public further along with musical and cultural convergence. I hope this performance will be a good time for each audience to have new experiences and new memories through new music.”