Financial Aid for Graduate Studies

Scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment are the principal forms of financial assistance available to students enrolled in degree programs. To be eligible for such assistance, students must be enrolled full time in coursework relevant to the graduate degree.

Please note: due to stringent INS regulations full-time enrollment according to federal standards is required of international students.

Students on F-1 (self-support) and J-1 (institutional support) visas, as well as those in most other non-immigrant classifications are ineligible for financial aid through Basic Educational Opportunity Grants, federal work-study programs, guaranteed loans and similar programs. Non-citizens eligible for assistance through these programs include:

  1. permanent residents of the U.S.,
  2. conditional permanent residents, and
  3. individuals with I-94 designations.

Prospective students will find financial aid application forms and extensive information about the various aid programs, including all relevant deadlines, posted at the Financial Aid Services website. For specific financial aid questions, it is also possible to contact the Financial Aid Office by e-mail.