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 Room 12, Music Bldg

Dr. Kate McQuiston

Professor of Music
Graduate Studies Chair

Kate McQuiston’s main research area is music in film, with foci on directorial and compositional style, film-music rhetoric, the use of preexisting music, and musical quotation. Her approach to film music relies greatly on aesthetics, adaptation studies, the philosophy of music, and the broader histories of music in the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries.

She is the author of “We’ll Meet Again”: Musical Design in the Films of Stanley Kubrick (Oxford University Press, 2013), an archival and analytical study of music in Kubrick’s films. Her latest articles appear in Literature/Film Quarterly (2016) and the Routledge Companion to Screen Music and Sound (2017).

Dr. McQuiston presents her research regularly at conferences and universities in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and London. She earned her MA and PhD at Columbia University.

Dr. Kate McQuiston in pre-concert conversation with actor Keir Dullea at the San Francisco Symphony’s presentation of 2001: A Space Odysssey.

Photo by Misa Shikawa