Hawaiian Ensemble MUS 311b
When: W, 6:00–7:50 pm
Where: Music Dept Room 212
Instructor: E. Nahale-a

The Hawaiian Ensemble emphasizes string band performance, primarily ‘ukulele and guitar as well as singing accompanied by these instruments. This course is designed to increase students’ knowledge in the areas of basic music theory, structure, and style of Hawaiian musical compositions, playing various ensemble instruments, singing, arranging, and performing Hawaiian mele. Students will learn, and be expected to play, an instrument and sing Hawaiian mele in a public performance, either as an individual or as part of an ensemble. Other expectations include: singing in harmony, utilizing various strum techniques, tuning, picking melody lines, and transposing.

While the course goals provide a general framework, specific repertory and arrangements will vary, depending on the background, experience and interests of class members.

The instructor is invited from among established musician-teachers within the Hawaiian music community.