Chamber Music MUS 410f, MUS 610
When: TR, 1:30–2:30 pm
Where: Music Dept Room 15
Instructor: Dr. I-Bei Lin

The objectives of this class are:

  • To acquaint students with some of the music from the vast and important repertiore of instrumental and vocal chamber music
  • To provide students an opportunity to perform in a group in which there is only one performer for such part and no conductors. This type of experience can improve one’s musicality in many ways that are difficult to achieve in larger groups. In a chamber ensemble, a student’s rhythmic precision is more easily developed as is his feeling for correct dynamic balance, good intonation, tone quality, phrasing and expression.

The ensemble groups, of ideally three to five players each, are coached on a regular basis and perform for each other in a recital situation two or more times per semester. Students may form their own groups, or groups will be formed at the first class meeting according to the enrollment.

Note: MUS 610 is identical to MUS 410F except that it is technically and artistically more demanding, as appropriate for graduate student registration.