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August 25, 2020

Preliminary Summary

The UH Mānoa Student and Residence Life Working Group is responsible for the continuity of student support services and student residence life, in consideration of the significant changes to campus operations for the fall 2020 semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The working group’s preliminary report is available for public viewing.

As conditions change throughout the semester, a list of the Student Affairs offices updates, information and resources will be continually updated. The public is welcome to keep checking back for updates on specific programs and offices.

Student Services

Student services are an important part of the college experience, and UH Mānoa is committed to ensuring that the services available in a normal semester continue in fall 2020. To ensure the health safety of students and employees, many student services will be moved to a hybrid of face-to-face and online. All student services, like in-person instruction, must adhere to basic COVID-19 guidelines including safe social distancing, wearing cloth masks when interacting with others, staying home when ill and regularly disinfecting high touch areas in public places.

A plan is still being put in place so students can safely use the Warrior Recreation Center, although it will not be able to serve the same number of students at any given time due to social distancing. For up to date information, please visit the Warrior Recreation Center website.

Student Residences

Residents living in our Housing Communities have unique concerns that we are committed to address in light of COVID-19. Health and Safety has and always will be our priority in student housing.

Modifications to residence halls and common areas have been implemented according to government recommended COVID-19 health and safety guidelines including social distancing and sanitation requirements. The implementation of the guidelines has reduced student housing by more than 30 percent, from about 3,000 to 2,000 bed spaces. Room assignments and types due to COVID-19 requirements are for the Fall 2020 only and may change for Spring 2021.


  • L. Ideta (Interim Vice Chancellor for Students)
  • C. Quemuel (Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity, and Director of Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity)

Membership of this diverse working group include the following individuals, and we will invite other members as needed:

Team Members

  • Leilani Au (Director, UH Mānoa Children’s Center)
  • Jennifer Barnett (Program Coordinator, Women’s Center, SEED)
  • Clement Bautista (Director, Office of Multicultural Student Services)
  • Teresa Bill (Program Coordinator, Bridge to Hope)
  • Laurie Furutani (Interim Director, Student Housing Services)
  • Abigail Huliganga Hurgo (Assistant Director, Admissions)
  • Lori Ideta (Co-Lead, Interim Vice Chancellor for Students)
  • Vanessa Ito (Director, KOKUA)
  • Ty Kawanishi (Information Technology Specialist, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Students)
  • Aileen Kozai (Administrative Services Manager, Office of Student Affairs)
  • Michele Inouchi (Fiscal Specialist, Office of Student Affairs )
  • Jodie Kuba (Director, Financial Aid)
  • Mike Maglaya (Director, College Opportunities Program)
  • Bonnyjean Manini (Faculty, Student Life & Development)
  • Leslie Mitchell (Interim Director, Office of Judicial Affairs)
  • Camaron Miyamoto (Director, LGBTQ+ Center)
  • Andrew Nichols (Director, University Health Services)
  • Christine Quemuel (Co-Lead, Director, SEED)
  • James Solano (Interim Director, Office of Veteran Student Services)
  • Wendy Sora (Director, Mānoa Career Center)
  • Rayna Tagalicod (Director, UH Mānoa National Student Exchange)
  • Allyson Tanouye (Director, Counseling and Student Development Center)
  • Sabrina Fallejo Uganiza (Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Students)
  • Pheng Max Xiong (Registrar)
  • Ryan Yamaguchi (Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management)

Contributing Team Members

  • Dresden Vogt / Mikaelyn Marie Gogue [alternate] / Bernadette Rose Garrett [alternate] (ASUH)
  • Ken Reyes (GSO)
  • Kamakana Aquino (Kualii Council)
  • Kamana Seymour / Karen Blakeley (Staff Senate)
  • Thomas Conway (Faculty Senate)

Scope of Work

Continue to provide support services for students while keeping the health and safety of our campus community paramount. Services for the Fall 2020 are envisioned to be a hybrid of face-to-face and online to reach the greatest audience of students in a safe manner.

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