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  • V. Kameoka (Interim Vice Chancellor for Research)
  • B. Taylor (Dean, School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Techology)

Working Team Members

  • Healani Chang (Associate Specialist, PBRC and Kūaliʻi Council)
  • David Duffy (Professor, Botany, CNS)
  • Victoria Fan (Associate Professor, Center on Aging, School of Social Work)
  • Randy Holcombe (Director, UH Cancer Center)
  • Gary Holton (Professor, Linguistics, LLL)
  • Velma Kameoka (Co-Lead, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research)
  • Creighton Litton (Professor, NREM, CTAHR and Director, UROP)
  • Bob McLaren (Interim Director, IfA)
  • Rajeev Mishra (Graduate Student, HNFAS, CTAHR and GSO)
  • Hans Nielsen (Occupational Health and Safety Program Manager, EHSO)
  • James Potemra (Specialist and Manager, Asia-Pacific Data-Research Center, HIGP and MFS-SEC)
  • Victoria Rivera (Director of the Office of Research Compliance, OVPRI)
  • Destin Shigano (Administrative Officer, Lyon Arboretum and Mānoa Staff Senate)
  • Brian Taylor (Co-Lead, Dean, School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology)
  • Chad Walton (Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research)

Scope of Work

As a Carnegie R1 institution, research is an essential activity at UH Mānoa. Much of the campus’ research activities have continued throughout the COVID-19 crisis, with measures implemented by faculty investigators and unit deans/directors to ensure health and safety in research facilities and labs.


The Research Working Team will provide guidance on research continuity and ramp-up as we move toward the fall semester and beyond. Guidelines being developed are subject to the University’s, government, and CDC health and safety requirements, and will address the following domains of research settings/activities:

  1. Wet labs
  2. Biomedical research
  3. Equipment-intensive; dry labs; shops
  4. Behavioral, social, cognitive research
  5. Social science, humanities research
  6. Animal research
  7. Field research
  8. Ocean sciences; ships

Common threads include: TRAVEL, IRB, BIOSAFETY, FACILITIES

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