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  • M. Boland (Dean, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene)
  • J. Hedges (Dean, John A. Burns School of Medicine)

Working Team Members

  • Mary Boland (Group Co-Lead, Dean & Professor, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
  • Jerris Hedges (Group Co-Lead, Dean & Professor, John A. Burns School of Medicine
  • David Lassner (President, University of Hawaii System
  • Robin Arndt (Faculty & Field Education Coordinator, Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work
  • Al Katz (Professor & Associate Chair, Mānoa Faculty Senate Representative Office of Public Health Studies
  • Jimmy Lagunero (Emergency Management Coordinator, Public Safety
  • Michele Tom (HR Specialist, Mānoa Staff Senate Representative, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic
  • Noreen Mokuau (Dean & Professor, Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work
  • Lyn Nakagawa (Head Athletic Trainer. Athletic Department
  • Andrew Nichols (Director, University Health Services
  • Rosie Alegado (Associate Professor, SOEST and Kūaliʻi Council
  • Allyson Tanouye (Director, Counseling and Student Development Center

Scope of Work

During the planning for campus opening, the UH Mānoa leadership is engaging multiple individuals in the planning, monitoring and operational side of the process.

The HWBWT will support the UH Mānoa Provost Coordinating Committee and the Working Teams in the planning process for Fall 2020 with a focus on health and well-being.

Role of the Mānoa COVID-19 Health & Well-Being Working Team

  • Provide science and evidence-based guidance to complement planning and decision making of the UH Mānoa Provost Coordinating Committee related to campus opening and subsequent operation.
  • Anticipate and monitor (international, national, and local) changes in the status of the pandemic and health care resources and operations — including public health delivery and policy — to promote the safest possible campus operation in the era of COVID-19.
  • Identify high risk/priority areas warranting consideration for campus policy development related to COVID-19.
  • Assist with accurate and timely health and safety messaging of campus opening and operation.
  • Comment on draft plans for the hybrid reopening of in-person and virtual teaching, research, and student services to protect health and safety.


To allow for a nimble and evolving consultative and recommending body during the campus opening planning, the HWBWT will be co-led by Mary Boland (SNDH) and Jerris Hedges (JABOM) with a core group including Al Katz (OPHS), Noreen Mokuau and Robin Arndt (MBTSSW), Andy Nichols (UH Health Service), and President David Lassner.

These core group members will be bolstered by a campus representative consultative team of the HWBWT which will provide guidance on proposed health & well-being recommendations, wellness monitoring approaches, and messaging needs/best practices.

Participants on the consultative body include representatives from student groups, Mānoa faculty senate, Mānoa staff senate, facilities, public safety, student affairs and counseling, and athletics.


The core team will meet via teleconference at least every 2 weeks to do the following:

  • Monitor the status of measures being implemented to advance Health & Well-Being on campus.
  • Draft materials for review by the consultative body (using the shared drive function)
  • Review input from the consultative body to draft materials
  • Receive and review recommendations from the representative body for additional policy, procedures and messaging actions. Information will be received via the shared drive or via direct communication with the HWBWT co-leads.

Interaction with the UHM Provost Coordinating Committee

Once determined ready for broader discussion, any recommended policy, procedures and messaging actions will be forwarded by the HWBWT Committee core group to the UHM Provost Coordinating Committee for further determination.

References (this list will be updated)

CDC Considerations for Institutes of Higher Education

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