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July 20, 2020

Summary Report

The UH Mānoa Communications Working Group is responsible for identifying and coordinating messaging for internal and external stakeholder groups of the campus community.

The group met several times to discuss the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges of reaching multiple audiences and reaffirmed the university’s commitment to accountability and transparency through timely communication.

The UH Office of Communications worked in several areas including:

  • Providing the campus community with an opportunity to ask leadership questions on the fall 2020 plans. (UH News story)
  • Regularly updating stakeholders on updates to plans. (UH News story)
  • Developing an audience-focused online resource that features FAQs specifically for groups including: new students, current students, parents, faculty, staff, visitors

The Office of Communications added several other elements and tools to provide updates to the campus community:


  • D. Meisenzahl (Director, Office of UH Communications and UH News and UH Spokesperson)
  • B. Suyama (Associate Director, Office of UH Communications and UH News)

Working Group Members

Members of the committee represent a variety of students, faculty and staff. They are:

  • ASUH invitation extended (awaiting a representative)
  • Cheehyung Harrison Kim (Professor, Department of History)
  • Theresa Kreif (Assistant to the Dean, MBT School of Social Work)
  • Amrita Mallik (UH Mānoa Campus Climate program officer)
  • D. Meisenzahl (Co-Lead, Director, Office of UH Communications and UH News and UH Spokesperson)
  • Brennon Morioka (Dean, College of Engineering)
  • Ann Sakuma (Director, Campus Resource and Service Center, Staff Senate)
  • B. Suyama (Co-Lead, Associate Director, Office of UH Communications and UH News)

The committee is reviewing past communications and existing communication channels —, email, social media, news releases — and researching best practices to determine how to optimally provide updates to the campus community and receive feedback as we move forward together.

Areas Under Review

The specific areas under review include:

  • Identification of most effective means of message delivery?
  • Development of varied messages to ensure content and style of messages resonate with diverse audiences.
  • Ensuring strategic message management and delivery (location, platform, type, time of day)

Research to Date:

  • UH News COVID stories (244 COVID-19 tagged stories, a little more than half of all UH News stories March–June)
  • UH Helps (109 COVID UH Helps tagged stories)
  • UH Mānoa COVID-19 Resource web pages
  • COVID-related emails: 81 (February–June, a few were the same message sent separately to different audiences)
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