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Waseda Business School (Graduate School of Business and Finance)

Program Terms:

Fall Semester, Spring Semester & Academic Year


Recognized as Japan’s top business program, Waseda Business School has a total enrollment of about 510 students. With a reputation for continuous improvement, diversity, and engagement, it is the only top-tier business school located in Tokyo, the heart of the third largest economy in the world. 

Established in 1882 by OKUMA Shigenobu, Waseda University has openly welcomed international students and currently boasts the largest  international enrollment. At Waseda, Japanese students and international students learn side-by-side in the classroom and laboratory and also interact in many other aspects of campus life. (Source: Waseda Business School Website)

Academic Details:

Students can take a limit of 11 courses (22 credits) each semester at Waseda Business School.

Upon acceptance into the Waseda Business School, some courses will be automatically registered for the student. Please check the course registration results by logging into the “Login page for course registration period” through MyWaseda, the portal website for Waseda University.

International MBA Students:
-Compulsory Core Courses – 1 credit
-Compulsory Elective Core Courses – 1 credit
-Specialized Research Courses – 2 credits

MSc in Finance Students:
-Compulsory Core Courses  – 1 credit
-Research Guidance – 3 credits
-The Degree Thesis – 3 credits

*1:  You will be able to drop these courses during the 1st course registration period (not the cancellation period) if you are under any special conditions, although we do recommend you to take these courses during the 1st year.
*2:  Specialized Research Courses include Seminar, Research Guidance, and the Degree Thesis.
*3:  These courses will be registered automatically from the 2nd year. Detailed information will be announced later.
(Source: Waseda Business School Website)

Housing Details:

Waseda University offers two types of housing accommodations: Waseda University Student Dormitories (owned and managed directly by Waseda University) and Waseda University Affiliated Dormitories (run by private companies in relations with the University). Unfortunately, Waseda University Students Dormitories gives priority to undergraduate students. Graduate students have very little chance to secure a room. Instead, Waseda Business University students have a great chance to secure a room at Waseda University Affiliated Dormitories. More information on appropriate housing can be found in the “Accommodation” link at the end of this page. (Source: Waseda Business University Website)


  • MBA students ONLY
  • Applicants are required to have at least three years of full-time work experience (not including internships and part-time jobs)

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