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University of Hong Kong Summer Institute

Program Terms:

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The University of Hong Kong is a historical, international, and traditional university that is research-led and based on English principles of  academia. For summer exchange students, the University also offers cultural and social activities such as dinners, excursions around the city, island getaways, and a mountain hike with an incredible view of the city. The University also provides workshops on Cantonese and Yoga to enrich students’ cultural experiences.

Academic Details:

The University offers a variety of subjects, all taught in English. Areas of study include: Architecture, Arts, Humanities & Creative Industries, Asia Cities, Culture & Society, Global Issues, Journalism & Media, and Scientific and Technological Literacy.

Housing Details:

At the University of Hong Kong there are 2 programs available, an accommodation included program and an accommodation optional program. If students enroll in the accommodation included program, they will be required to stay in one of the University’s four residences located on campus. The residences include a twin room and a shared bathroom with the floor. Students may sign up for housing with an online application.

If students choose the housing optional program, they may choose between university housing, or accommodation in a 4-star hotel. If students choose the hotel option, they will also receive a twin room and a bathroom shared with their roommate, with daily housekeeping included. To apply, students must fill out an online application, plus an additional hotel requisition application. With both programs, social activities such as excursions and workshops will be provided by the University to acquaint students with the city and each other.


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