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Thammasat University

Program Terms:

Fall Semester, Spring Semester, & Academic Year


Thammasat University (TU) is also one of the best known and respected universities in Southeast Asia. Originally named the University of Moral and Political Sciences when it was established in 1934, it has continually been a center for student uprising and political protest. Students gain experience with both economic and political issues, while integrating science and technology toward global development. From providing flood shelters in times of crisis to protests that changed the face of Thai democracy, Thammasat has become a leader in activism and change. The university maintains its commitment to students and the global community and continues to develop its science and technology facilities to give students an excellent foundation for the rest of their lives. (Source: Thammasat University Student Handbook)

Academic Details:

All courses at the TU School are taught in English. Thai language and culture courses, along with some courses in other facilities and departments, are also taught in English.

All students at the undergraduate level must enroll in at least 9 credit (3 subjects) offered by the same faculty in order to be acknowledged as the major and not more than 21 credit per semester (across the faculties).

International students who are registered at the undergraduate level (both regular and international programs) are requested to wear university uniforms in accordance with university rules. (Source: Thammasat University Fact Sheet 2016-2017)

Housing Details:

Rangsit at TU operates the on campus accommodations and offers several room options. Students can also choose to stay off campus on their own. OIA can facilitate and provide further information about living on and off campus. It is advisable to contact OIA at least 1 month before the beginning of each semester or as soon as you are accepted to study at TU.

The university operates housing called Ratchadapisek private apartment about 30 minutes driving away. The other nearest private apartments available at an affordable rate or popular among international students are for example 3J Court, Amarin Mansion, and PK apartment.

University dormitory : 1 month before semester start
Private apartment: the students should contact the private apartment directly. (Source: Thammasat University Fact Sheet 2016-2017)


  • Sophomore standing
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA

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