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Soonchunhyang University

Program Terms:

Fall Semester, Spring Semester, & Academic Year


Soonchunhyang University (SCH) is a well-established school located in Asan City, Chungnam Province, South Korea. The university currently has six colleges and six graduate schools with over 12,000 students enrolled and approximately 380 faculty members. In addition, the university runs four general hospitals in four major cities in Korea. SCH offers a rich variety of courses in Medicine and Natural Sciences, as well as all professional fields including Humanities, Business Administration and Engineering.

SCH prides itself not only in having creative and competitive programs but also the educational philosophy of “Love of Human Beings.” Now with eighty foreign instructors and about five hundred international students of various nationalities, the university is becoming more globalized in the student body and faculty. The university is also affiliated with 48 universities in 10 countries and actively pursuing its study abroad programs.

Participants in this program who choose to enrol in the SCH Cultural Internship Program can receive a scholarship to assist them in financing their travel and living expenses in Korea. Students will receive the results whether they are granted the scholarship at the time of their acceptance (usually one month after application due date) by email. The Cultural Internship duties include 1:1 English language exchange with Korean students up to 15 hours a week, some cultural events, and a Korean roommate. The scholarship includes a waiver of the Global Village dorm fees (~$800), airfare reimbursement up to $700, and a weekly stipend of $100 for a total of 10 weeks.

Academic Details:

There are 50 courses offered in English at Soonchunhyang University. International exchange students are offered specially designed courses through Asian Studies, taught mainly in English, at SCH. The Asian Studies course categories include Korean Language, Korean Culture and Literature, Korean Society and History, Education, International and Korean Business, and International and Korean Politics. International students are required to take a minimum of 16 credits and a maximum of 19 credits. Korean classes are not mandatory, but if you want to take a Korean class, choose two classes (Speaking and Writing or Listening, and Reading) or all four Korean classes (Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening).

Housing Details:

Exchange students are guaranteed housing at Soonchunhyang University. Students reside in the Global Village, which is known as the best dormitory on the Soonchunhyang campus and one of the best dormitories in Korea. This modern facility was built in 2006 for the sole purpose of fitting the needs of the international and Korean students residing together. The dormitory is configured in “suite style” living arrangements, which allow 12 students to live in 1 suite. Each suite has 2 bathrooms, 2 showers, 2 sinks, and 6 sleeping rooms that are connected by a common living room furnished with a couch. Every room has air-conditioning.

On campus there are five cafeterias, which are located in the Hyangsul dormitory #1, Hyangsul #2, Hyangsul #3, Hanwouri in the Student Union building, Yabes in Humanity building, and the Neulpureum. Meals in the cafeterias range in price from 2,000 to 3,500 won (or about $2 to $3.50 USD). Regardless of your food preferences you are bound to find something that will satisfy you. In the Hyangsul dorms #2 and #3, you will also find a convenience store on the lower level.


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

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