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Rennes School of Business

Program Terms:

Fall Semester, Spring Semester, & Academic Year


Rennes School of Business is a global school of management in France and is considered to be the most international school of management in Europe. Over 53% of the student body and over 91% of the faculty members are international, making the school a unique place to live and study. The main campus has 4 buildings and is situated in the city of Rennes in the western part of France. It features amenities such as a music room, a large cafeteria, an international student residence, outdoor sports field, a business incubator (Innostart), and much more. Most importantly, Rennes is AACSB-accredited, EQUIS-accredited, Association of MBAs-accredited, and Républic Française-accredited. (Source: Rennes School of Business website)

Academic Details:

All programs at Rennes are taught in English, with particular strengths at Rennes being Finance, Innovation, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability. Classrooms on campus are designed as lecture theaters and range in size from 50-400 seats. The Rennes School of Business International bachelor program in Management is structured into a series of “learning loops.” Each loop begins with the introduction of a new context (a business, the international environment, etc.), followed by theory-based contributions and discussions with lectures to consolidate and appraise students’ observations. (Source: Rennes School of Business website)

Non-Business students may be allowed to participate in this exchange but are expected to have taken at least half of their credits in business at UHM in order for the transition to Rennes to be less difficult.

Housing Details:

In September 2017, Rennes School of Business opened a housing building for French and international students that is situated less than 5 minutes’ walking distance from the main campus. Please note that spaces are limited, however, and on-campus housing is not guaranteed. If students wish to live outside of the housing building, students may also consult the school’s online accommodation platform for housing both in France and abroad. Fully run by the school, the platform tool is available to students as soon as they are enrolled into the program and for the entire duration of their studies in Rennes. Students will therefore have access to a wide range of different types of accommodation during their stay in Rennes. The French state may also be able to provide a scholarship for students for housing. All students studying in France are eligible for this scholarship, which would be used to subsidize rent for students in both on- and off-campus options. (Source: Rennes School of Business website)


  • Business majors only
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Undergraduates: 2 years (or 120 ECTS) minimum of studies in Business are required to be accepted at the undergraduate level
  • Postgraduates: Students must have completed an undergraduate degree or at least the equivalent of 3 years of studies (or 180 ECTS) in Business Studies minimum

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