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Nanzan University

Program Terms:

Fall Semester, Spring Semester, & Academic Year


Nanzan University is a small Catholic private university located in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan. With over 10,000 students and a low faculty to student ratio, Nanzan University provides students with a more personalized education. Students do not need to be a member of the Catholic church or Christian to study at this university. The university offers 8 Faculties and 18 Departments, 6 Graduate Schools and 14 Programs, as well as the Center for Japanese Studies. The Center for Japanese Studies is renowned as a leader in the field of Japanese language education for more than 45 years.

Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture is in the center of Japan, a convenient location from which to visit many other places. It has often played an important role in Japan’s history and some remarkable traditions and customs are still alive today. There are many spots in Aichi where you can experience modern Japanese culture, making it possible to witness two cultures from different time eras. The region is also the hub of Japanese manufacturing industries.

Academic Details:

Students can take a range of seminars that are conducted in Japanese and are designed for specialized study of the Japanese language. Courses in business Japanese and Japanese for tourism provide an opportunity to apply language study to future career goals. The course in Japanese for volunteering is also popular among students. For those whose language ability does not allow them to take courses in Japanese, there is also a wide selection of lecture courses taught in English. Courses cover topics such as economics, business, culture and arts, religions, literature, politics, foreign policy, fieldwork, and the history of Japan. (Source: The Center of Japanese Studies website)

For students looking to improve their Japanese fluency, Nanzan also offers intensive Japanese Language Instruction. Each level consists of three types of courses: Japanese for Communication, Japanese Reading and Writing, and Project Work. All full-time students in this program are required to take Japanese for Communication and Japanese Reading and Writing. Project Work is an elective course.

Housing Details:

Nanzan offers two types of accommodation for students: homestay and dormitories. While it is not guaranteed you will receive your first option, you are guaranteed housing through the university if you choose find housing with us.

Students who choose the homestay option will stay with a Japanese family for the duration of their exchange program. Homestays are a great option for students who want first hand experience in Japanese culture and to practice their Japanese language skills. Homestays are more expensive than living in the dormitories but offer two meals a day. Students must also prepare to commute to the university, as homestays are usually not walking distance to school.

The University runs two off-campus facilities, the Nagoya Kōryū Kaikan and the Yamazato Kōryū Kaikan, which are international halls of residence open to all Nanzan students. This is the cheaper option of the two accommodations and is close to campus. Students are guaranteed bed, desk and chair, closet, air conditioner, and heater.

In April 2022, Nanzan will open a new international dormitory, named Janssen International Residence. It has an innovative education program in which international and Japanese students will have the opportunity to work together.


  • Sophomore standing
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA

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