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Kyung Hee University

Program Terms:

Fall Semester, Spring Semester, & Academic Year


A private university, Kyung Hee University has a comprehensive education system encompassing all grades from kindergarten to graduate school. Founded  in 1949 as a two-year college, Kyung Hee established a four-year university at the Seoul Campus in 1952. The Global Campus at Suwon opened in 1979, followed by the Gwangneng Campus in 1984.

As Kyung Hee celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2009, it ascertains prestige as a university of significance and infinite possibility despite its short history of only half a century. Kyung Hee strives to bridge cultural and social gaps by promoting mutual understanding and prosperity. As a result, it encourages frequent exchanges with sister schools overseas to facilitate the exchange of ideas. These activities spread a shared belief in the value of learning.

Fun facts: (1) Kyung Hee has a strong relationship with the United Nations. They often invite speakers to come speak on-campus. Exchange students have access to these presentations. (2) The current President and First Lady of Korea (as of 2018) graduated from Kyung Hee. This is the first time both the current President and First Lady both graduated from the same school. The President studied Law while at Kyung Hee and the First Lady studied Music – they met one another during their studies at Kyung Hee. (Source: Kyung Hee University Handbook for International Students)

Academic Details:

There are two campuses: one located in Seoul and the other located in Suwon. The Seoul campus offers courses from 16 different fields.

The Suwon campus has 9 colleges in total: the College of Engineering, College of Electronics and Information, College of Applied Science, College of Life Science, College of Management and International Relations, College of Foreign Languages and Literature, College of Art and Design, College of Physical Education, and College of Liberal Arts.

If you’re looking to take courses taught in English, the best options would be in the following subjects: Political Science, Social Science, Management, International Trade, Diplomacy, International Management, International Economics, International Relations, and Asian Studies. (Source: Kyung Hee University Handbook for International Students)

Housing Details:

Kyung Hee University has multiple options for housing, namely three dormitories: Sameuiwon, Sehwawon, and I-House I & II.  Located on the Seoul campus, Sameuiwon can accommodate 392 students including international students. With newly renovated structures, the rooms are equipped with beds, desks, cabinets, air conditioner, LAN, and phone for the comfort of students. Generally a room is shared by 4 students. Partially funded by the Korean government, the Sehwawon dormitory is a new residential hall opened in March 2005 with the most up-to-date facilities. A room with a toilet and washbasin is shared by two students. It can accommodate 432 students in total. Finally, the I-House opened on the August of 2008 and is equipped with the up-to-date facilities. In the dormitory there are 25 rooms for 2 people and offered to 48 international students. I-House 1 has a sink, electric stove, laundry machine, desk, chair, closet, shoe closet, and bathroom in each room, and there is a water fountain at the end of the 2nd floor hallway. Students can also use the internet 24 hours in their rooms.

There are some options for off-campus housing as well. Residential areas are spread all over Seoul, excluding the business districts in the northern part of the city. Especially in the suburbs of Seoul, there are huge residential complexes that have been developed over the last decade. More information can be found at

In recent years, Kyung Hee University has been able to offer housing waivers to incoming students from UHM. These housing waivers are good for four months and waive the full cost of housing during this period. Students must stay in on-campus accommodation if they wish to be eligible for these waivers. (Source: Kyung Hee University Handbook for International Students)


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

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