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Chung-Ang University – International Summer Program

Program Terms:

Summer Term


The CAU International Summer Program (ISP) is a hybrid program providing students with a window into Korea, coupled with courses and cultural experiences that foster an understanding of Korea’s culture and society. CAU welcomes students from around the world to enjoy various courses covering Korean culture and society and earn major course credits from overseas professors specialized in Asia and Korea in subjects ranging from Business, Social Sciences, International Relations, and Korean Language. Courses will be offered by some of the top faculty at CAU, as well as from top universities from all over the world. Students will be able to choose the session they wish to take according to their home university’s academic calendar and their interests.

During the program, students will have the chance to experience Korean culture and society first hand with related lecture content in the form of cultural activities. Through the activities, students will gain a deeper understanding of Korea and insight into Korean culture and society. Some cultural events include a city tour of the most popular destinations in Seoul, a trip to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas), Taekwondo classes, and more! (Source: Chung-Ang University Website)

Academic Details:

Lectures are organized into two different tracks. All students will enjoy lectures and field trips covering Korean Culture and Society, as well as one elective course from subjects including Business, Social Sciences, International Relations, and Korean Language. All lectures are taught in English. You can find out more about the offered courses here(Source: Chung-Ang University Website)

Housing Details:

Students will stay in the Blue Mir Hall dormitory. The most advanced and among the best university dormitories in Korea, Blue Mir Hall was built using Mondrian abstract art that balances symmetry and order and is one of the newest landmarks of Chung-Ang University. This residential building is surrounded by a small natural forested environment. The building is equipped with the state of the art air conditioning and heating system, wireless high speed internet access, a large dining area, fitness center, cafe, and a lounge. Students who wish to stay in the dormitory should submit the application form after checking the Housing option. (Source: Chung-Ang University Website)


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

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