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Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Program Terms:

Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Academic Year


Founded in 1868 as “Scuola Superiore di Commercio” (Advanced School for Commerce), Ca’ Foscari was the first Italian institution to deal with advanced education in business and economics. The original main office is still found in the grand Gothic palace on the Grand Canal, in the heart of Venice. (Source: Ca’ Foscari University About Page).

At the university, high-level academics intertwine with cultural, artistic, and athletic activities, with over 700 events throughout the year. Getting around is very easy, as Venice is very walkable and an extensive boat network provides public transport in the city itself. Train, bus, and airplane links to the rest of Italy and Europe are close at hand. While students are at Ca Foscari, they can enjoy everything Venice has to offer, its cultural riches of museums, palaces, concerts, and more, a splendid natural location including beaches and water sports, and Venice’s own traditions and festivals including Europe’s most splendid Carnival.

Academic Details:

Although Ca’ Foscari was originally a school of commerce, programs now include coursework in a variety of areas, including language and culture, science and technology, the arts and humanities, and politics. Exchange students are eligible to take any course, so long as they fulfill the prerequisites. Courses are taught in English. Home to 16 libraries and over 1 million books, the university also facilitates student research in and out of class.

Ca’ Foscari assigns grades on a scale from 18 to 30 with 30 cum laude, 30L, being the highest possible grade. Students must pass the exam to obtain credit for the course. According tot he European Credit Transfer System, 2 Ca’ Foscari credits = 2 ECTS, which is equivalent to 1 credit at UH Mānoa.

Interested in learning Italian? The Ca’ Foscari School for International Education (SIE) often offers Italian language courses from the beginner (A1) level up to the advanced (C1) level. Detailed syllabi as well as the timetable of these courses can be found on the School’s website.

Housing Details:

Non-EU students who wish to stay in Italy for more than 3 months will need a permit. Students can coordinate with the university’s International Office to obtain a permit. Once students obtain a permit, they have access to multiple housing services. They can do their own research to find housing in the city or they can work through the Housing Office or ESU Venezia. The Housing Office puts incoming student in contact with residence halls, private flats, and other accommodation options to help facilitate their housing search. ESU Venezia is a regional body with 6 residence halls in Venice in which students can stay. Students who meet the housing requirements can apply online to be placed in a hall.


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

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