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University of Bergen

Program Terms:

Fall Semester, Spring Semester, & Academic Year


Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and the administrative and educational center of western Norway. The city has about 275,000 residents and is vibrant with personality and charm. Because Bergen is located by the Atlantic Ocean, the history and development of the city are closely linked to trade routes at sea and a constant interaction with the outside world. The bus and light rail (Bybanen) are the main forms of public transportation in Bergen, and both run frequently. During the academic year, the city of Bergen is home to about 25,000 students (roughly 10% of the student population). About 16,500 of those students attend the University of Bergen, one of Norway’s most international institutions. Most of the campus is concentrated in the heart of the city. With miles of extensive nature right outside of the city, living and studying in Bergen gives students and opportunity to experience much more than just student life. (Source: UiB website)

Academic Details:

The University of Bergen offers Norwegian language courses that can be taken by international students, which can be a great opportunity for students to connect with locals and other exchange students alike. The university focuses on three strategic areas: Marine research, Climate and energy transition, and Global challenges. 100-level courses are reserved for bachelor’s level courses, while 200-level courses can be included at both bachelor’s and master’s level. 300-level courses are reserved for master’s level students. The University of Bergen runs on the semester-system, meaning that some courses will be conducted for only one semester, while other courses will be two semesters long. A full work load, which is considered to be 12 credits at UH Mānoa, is 30 ECTS credits in Norway, and is required when studying at the university. One course has 7.5 credits, while at UH Mānoa, that same course would be 3.0 credits. There are about 400 courses for exchange students that are taught in English. More than 1,000 exchange students study at UiB every year. (Source: UiB website)

Housing Details:

Finding suitable accommodation in Bergen can be difficult, especially in the period from July to October when a lot of students are also looking for a place to rent; however, housing is guaranteed to international students. Students applying in the autumn semester will be offered a room to share with one other student. While the guarantee only applies to single room units, it is also possible to apply for units for couples and families. The standard pricing for a single room with student housing is about 3,000 NOK a month. The price of other housing options vary from approximately 2,800 NOK to 8,000 NOK depending on what students are looking for. There is also an online marketplace called “The Internal Market” where advertisements for “houses to rent” or “looking for a house to rent” can be placed. The university’s website also has a few links to use should students wish to find an apartment. (Source: Student Bergen website)


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

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