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Prepare for Registration

Browse Mānoa Courses

  • The latest information will be found here at Class Availability (click ‘Details’ for brief course descriptions and prerequisites as well as contact information for instructors).
  • Class Availability will be updated in April prior for Fall semester courses and October prior for Spring semester courses.

Learn How to Register

  • All UHM students register for classes online through the UHM student portal, MyUH.
  • Click on “STAR GPS Registration” and log in with your UH username and password to begin the registration process.
  • Study the UHM Registration Guide for more detailed registration instructions.

Know When to Register

  • Check the Registration Timetable to see when newly accepted students may register online.
  • Students who have not begun to register online before the first day of classes will be required to pay a late registration fee. Any late fees due must be paid by the payment receipt deadline.
  • Exchange students who begin registration online before their arrival at UHM must be sure to arrive in the U.S. at least one week before classes begin to allow enough time to pass the Tuberculosis (TB) test at the University Health Services Center on campus. TB testing and results evaluation takes a minimum of 48 hours. Until TB clearance is granted, you will have a ‘hold’ on your student account preventing any registration activity.

Tuition & Fees

Exchange Students who have been nominated from a university that has a formal reciprocal Student Exchange Agreement with UHM are exempt from paying UHM tuition and student fees only. Course Fees, which are associated with only particular courses and cover additional supplies, lab equipment, etc., are NOT included in the exchange exemption and will be the responsibility of the student. See here for a detailed explanation of Course Fees and a listing of courses that have these fees associated with them.

Hoakipa Visiting Students are responsible for paying resident UHM tuition at 150% of the tuition rate. Independent Visiting Students from non-partner universities are responsible for paying regular non-resident tuition and fees. All charges on the student account should be paid by the published deadline and can be paid online in MyUH or at the UHM Cashier’s Office located in QLC 105.

All exchange students are responsible for paying their own travel, personal, and living expenses. Students living on-campus can pay their housing charges online in MyUH or at the UHM Cashier’s Office located in QLC 105.

Courses, Credits, Restrictions

Course Numbering System

  • Undergraduate courses are numbered 100 – 499.
  • Graduate courses are numbered 500-800.
  • Find more details at Course Numbering System.

Course Load

  • The minimum course load for undergraduate students is 12 credits; the maximum is 19 credits.
  • The minimum course load for graduate students is 8 credits; the maximum is 16 credits.
  • Most courses are 3 credits each.

Course Descriptions, Prerequisites, Restrictions

Refer to the UHM Catalog for brief course descriptions and prerequisite requirements (note that classes listed in the UHM Catalog are not offered every semester). The Class Availability website shows courses being offered in a particular semester and will also indicate any course restrictions, prerequisites, etc.

If you want to register for a UHM course that has prerequisites or a restriction, a course override will be needed in order to register for the course online. You can generally request an override either from the academic advisor in the department offering the course or the course instructor (except for Shidler College of Business and Travel Industry Management courses).


If a class you want to take is full, you may have the option to add yourself to a waitlist. If you are on the waitlist and a space in the class becomes available for you, you will be notified via email (at your email address) and given a deadline to register for the class. If you miss the deadline, your seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist. More information about registration waitlists.

Online Courses

A few online courses are offered at UHM. F-1 and J-1 students may enroll in online classes. But online class enrollment has certain restrictions that affect full-time enrollment requirements and student visa status in the U.S.

  • F-1 students may take a maximum of 3 online credit hours (usually 1 course) per semester to meet the minimum full-time enrollment requirement
  • J-1 students may not apply any online credit hours to meeting the minimum full-time enrollment requirement. Therefore, a J-1 student must first meet the minimum enrollment requirement with in-class credit hours before enrolling in any additional online classes
  • Questions? See a more detailed explanation here and please discuss with a MIX staff member.

Restricted Courses

Inbound exchange students are restricted from taking courses in Medicine, Law, Nursing, and Dental Hygiene. Graduate exchange students who want to take graduate level UHM courses in Second Language Studies (SLS) should have a TOEFL score of 100+. Students who want to take Business courses should already have a good foundation in business at their home university and a solid command of the English language, as normally demonstrated by a TOEFL score of 80+ (550+) or IELTS 6.5+.

Requesting Course Overrides

Getting Started

Overrides are required for any course with a prerequisite. A prerequisite shows that you have completed foundational coursework and you are prepared to take a higher level class. You can view prerequisites for a particular course by searching in the Class Schedule.

Example of Class Schedule Listing: 70616 — ECON 300 – 001 — Intermediate Macroeconomics

To check for a prerequisite, click on the course CRN, then click on ‘Details’. Look toward the bottom of the course description for the following type of information: “Prerequisites: ECON 131 Completed w/ C grade” 

The most challenging step in requesting necessary overrides is determining whom to ask.

For Shidler College of Business courses, please do NOT email instructors directly.

For courses in these areas, please email Ms. Rikki Mitsunaga (, Academic Advisor, who handles exchange student overrides for all Shidler College of Business departments.

These courses include:

Accounting (ACC) Finance (FIN) Management (MGT)
Business (BUS) Human Resource Mgmt (HRM) Marketing (MKT)
Business Law (BLAW) Information Tech. Mgmt (ITM) Real Estate (RE)
Insurance (INS)

For School of Travel Industry Management (TIM) courses, please do NOT email instructors directly. For TIM courses, please email Ms. Carissa Gusman (, Academic Advisor, who handles exchange student overrides for all TIM courses.

For all other courses…

  • The Departmental Academic Advisors are a good first point of contact for requesting overrides. Every exchange student is assigned a host department – you can contact this advisor first for help. Or, if you are seeking an override for a course outside of your assigned host department, you can also check the UHM Directory of Advisors list to find the email address of the Academic Advisor in the department offering the course for which you are seeking an override.
  • When in doubt, you can also ask the class instructor directly, as identified in the Class Schedule. You can find the instructor’s email by clicking on the course CRN which opens up another page where you will see the instructor’s name as a link, highlighted in blue. Click on the course instructor’s name or hover over the link to see the instructor’s email address.
  • Finally, exchange students can ask the MIX Exchange Coordinator ( to help identify the appropriate person for an override request. (Note: The MIX office cannot issue any course overrides itself but can direct you to an appropriate person to make your request.)

Composing Your Email Request

  1. Identify the appropriate person to ask, and obtain that person’s UHM email address (see above).
  2. Prepare your email message, including your name, UH ID, nationality, home university, subject area(s) of interest, and time period of attendance at UHM.
  3. Specify the desired class for which overrides are needed, including course title, CRN, and course numbers with section (from the online Class Schedule).
  4. Briefly, explain that overrides are needed for exchange and visiting students because the registration system has no record of the major and prior course work of these types of students.
  5. Attach a copy of your home university transcript (official or unofficial copy in pdf or jpeg format; obtain from the MIX exchange coordinator if not readily available by other means).
  6. If the transcript does not include your courses in progress or courses recently completed, provide a copy of your current registration or list these courses in your message (sometimes providing a screenshot of your registration at your home university for the most recent semesters can be helpful).
  7. If a class is closed or shows little or no remaining space within the desired section(s) (based on the Class Schedule), send a message to request an override to join the waitlist for your desired section or alternative sections of the same course. 
  8. If same UHM instructor or advisor will handle overrides for multiple classes on your priority list, please consolidate the requests into ONE email message to that person, rather than sending multiple messages.
  9. After obtaining the necessary overrides for the desired CRN, promptly register into that class via STAR GPS Registration System (or join the waitlist) rather than wait for the overrides for other courses.

When feasible, override requests might be more effectively requested in person. Appeals for special overrides might best be made in person during orientation week or the first week of classes by going to the departmental advising office or attending the first session of the desired class to assess the situation and speak with the instructor directly.

Template Email for Override Requests

  • Modify the template with your own information in the [highlighted sections] below.
  • Please make sure you are sending this email from your email address!
  • Please be sure to attach a scanned copy of your home university transcript with the email.
Subject: MIX student override, [Your Name], [UH ID Number]

Dear [Instructor/Academic Advisor, or for Business, Ms. Mitsunaga, or for TIM, Ms. Gusman],

I am an exchange student from [Home University] of [City, Country] and my major is [major]. My UH ID is [——–]. I will attend UHM as a visiting exchange student during [Semester(s) – Year(s)].

I would like to enroll in [your desired course(s) – include CRN, course number and section, and course name] during the [semester and year] and I have had the equivalent courses to its prerequisites at my home university [list course prerequisites for which you have taken equivalents at your home university].

Since Admissions does not input our home university course records into Banner, there is no UHM record of my major and prior course work, therefore I need overrides to register into classes with prerequisites and other restrictions. Attached is my [Home University] transcript for the most recent academic term. This year I am studying (or have recently completed) these courses:

  • [List courses currently in progress or recently completed]

If you determine I am eligible, would you please put in any override required for me to register for or join the waitlist for the course(s) above? Should you have any questions regarding my academic status at UHM, you can contact the MIX Office at 808-956-4728 or


[your name]

[your UH email address]


  • Ideally start requesting overrides one to three weeks before the registration access date in order to be ready to add approved classes to term schedule when the registration period begins, thus avoiding waitlists.
  • Send additional requests if not fully successful with initial requests. An override does not register you for a class, it only gives you permission to register.
  • Address each request message to one person rather than several people. That person can forward the message if necessary. If in doubt about whom to ask, send the request message to the class instructor or ask the MIX exchange coordinator to identify who to ask. If no response within five business days, contact the MIX exchange coordinator for assistance.
  • If one person will handle overrides for more than one class on the student’s priority list, modify the email message format to request overrides for more than one CRN instead of sending a separate request for each CRN. For example, if this message were to be sent to the departmental Academic Advisor, it could ask for multiple classes by title and CRN if desired.

Other Useful Information

Get a UH ID Card

After you have registered for at least one course at UHM, you are eligible to receive your UHM Identification Card. Get your ID Card at 212 Campus Center. All students must have their ID Card validated in order to get a bus pass or check out books from the library. Students who owe tuition or fees must pay their balance in full before their ID Card can be validated.

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