Event: Introduction to Carnivorous Plants

Introduction to Carnivorous Plants

Introduction to Carnivorous Plants

Curious about animal-eating plants? Then register for this introductory course that will cover the different types of carnivorous plants, the habitats they occur in, and the unique adaptations that allow these plants to attract and digest their prey. This course will also cover some basic propagation and cultivation techniques that can be used to grow these special plants in Hawaii.

In addition, several different types of carnivorous plants will be on display as well as recommended literature for those who “catch the bug” of carnivorous plant cultivation.

Instructors:  Lyon Arboretum HRPP Staff, Cindy Yamamoto (Micropropagation Lab) and Tim Kroessig (Seed Conservation Lab)

Cost: $25 (class fee and supply fee)

Date and Time: Saturday, December 2, 9:30 – 11:30am                   

Location: Lyon Arboretum Upstairs Classroom

Supplies: N/A.

Register: To register, please call (808)988-0456.