Your donation will greatly support the mission and programs of the Harold L. Lyon Arboretum. There are a few ways to donate, take a look at the fund options below to learn how you can help.

Harold Lyon Trust Fund (Fund #12001102)

Support the general maintenance, further development and improvement of Lyon Arboretum and botanical garden.

Conservation Lab Development Fund (Fund #12585604)

Support the Micropropagation Lab. Micropropagation is an indispensable tool in plant recovery work, especially in the case of immature seeds, extremely rare taxa, or unhealthy plant stock. In vitro storage is considered a medium-term storage method, high maintenance, but capable of growing living plant tissue in large numbers under a disease-free, climate controlled environment. While much of the focus of the Micropropagation Lab is on propagating plants for active conservation, it also continually conducts research to develop new, and/or improve existing methodologies for the initiation and maintenance of in vitro living plant collections. To learn more about the Micropropagation Lab, click here.

Lyon Arboretum Enrichment Fund (Fund #12043404)

Support ongoing activities, special projects, functions, and more at the Lyon Arboretum.

Raymond F. Baker Endowed Fund for Grounds and Living Collections at The Harold L. Lyon Arboretum (Fund #20577103), and the Raymond F. Baker Fund for Grounds and Living Collections at The Harold L. Lyon Arboretum (Fund #12577102)

Support expenses directly related to the maintenance and care of the grounds and living collections of the Lyon Arboretum and help maintain this beautiful educational and research gem.

Yoshinaga Fund for Seed Conservation (Fund #12587604)

Support the conservation of native Hawaiian plants through seed research and seed banking at Lyon Arboretum.