General information

We are open Monday to Friday 8am-4pm and Saturdays 9am-3pm. We are located at 3860 Manoa Rd, Honolulu, HI, 96822.

Our main office number is 808-988-0456.

Please direct general inquiries, tour requests, and questions about community classes to our main office. Questions about school field trips, university visits, outreach, and volunteering can be directed to our education office. Contact information for other departments is also listed. For research requests, visit our research requests page.

If you are uncertain which number to call, call our main office!


Rakan Zahawi, Director, 808-988-0457,

Destin Shigano, Fiscal Officer, 808-988-2971,
Derek Higashi, Office Manager, 808-988-0456,

Please call the main office (808-988-0456) for general inquiries, guided tour requests, adult class registration, private events, or commercial photo/video shoots.

Education and Outreach

Raedelle Van Fossen, Education Manager, 808-988-0461,

Jenna Watling, Education Associate

Questions about field trips, university visits, outreach, and volunteering may be directed to the general education email address:


Clancy Ako, Facilities Manager, 808-988-2479,
Kim Zane, Facilities Assistant

Greenhouse and Sales

Tim Kroessig, Horticulture Manager, 808-988-0472,

David Shepard, Horticulture Assistant

Grounds and Collections

Liloa Dunn, Grounds Manager, 808-988-0466,
Jesse Adams, Botanic Gardener
Jessica Adinolfi, GIS Lab Manager
Hua Kalahiki, Aborist
Nate Kamaka, Assistant Arborist
Rob Santiago, Gardener
Tylor Schwarze, Research Support
Richard Sears, Research Support

Rare Plant Program

Nellie Sugii, Rare Plant Program Manager, 808-988-0470,

Micropropagation Lab

Cindy Yamamoto, Micropropagation Lab Manager, 808-988-0470,
Sam Champine, Plant Conservation Technician
Doug Okamoto, Greenhouse Technician
Leland Werden, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Seed Lab

Anna Sugiyama, Seed Lab Manager, 808-988-0469,