Sort It Out Digital Resources Bundle


“Sort It Out” is Lyon Arboretum’s Grade 1 field trip, which explores the concept of trait variation in plants.

The “Sort It Out Digital Resources Bundle” is a way to bring our ti leaf traits game into your classroom, in person or online. Students will practice recognizing similarities and differences using a familiar, local plant: ti!

What’s in the bundle?

  • This program was designed with the following NGSS standard in mind:
    • 1-LS3-1: Make observations to construct an evidence-based account that young plants and animals are like, but not exactly like, their parents.
    • This program does not specifically address similarities and differences between parents and offspring, but it does serve as a way to practice observing similarities and differences within a species.
  • Make observations using a familiar, local plant: ti!
  • Designed with in-person classroom use and distance learning in mind
  • Interactive!
  • Your access fee goes to the Lyon Arboretum Education Department so we can continue to support Hawaii’s schools and our community by providing educational resources

The bundle includes

How much does it cost, and how do I purchase it?

Our Sort It Out Digital Resources bundle is available for $25. We may be able to provide a subsidy for Title I schools.  The fee covers one license for one teacher, even if the teacher has multiple classes.

We use the fees charged for access to these resources to keep our department afloat financially during this ongoing pandemic. We strive to keep costs for teachers and students low while still earning enough to support our department and continue producing materials for Hawaii’s schools and our community at large. If you have any concerns about cost, even if your school is not Title I, please reach out to us at

How can I purchase it? You can buy it directly from us. Our Teachers Pay Teachers store is not currently open as we are looking for alternative platforms.

Direct purchase instructions:

  1. Fill out our Google Form with your name, email address, phone number, and school name
  2. We will email you payment instructions
  3. After your payment has been received, we will email the digital resource bundle to you.

We understand that our direct purchase payment process is a little roundabout at this time. Thank you for your patience!

You can view our license here.

How do the digital bundle and an in-person visit complement each other?

Children walk in a line into the forest

Teachers who have visited the Arboretum for the in-person Sort It Out field trip may recognize the “ti leaf game,” which we typically play during the indoor portion of our field trip. You can use the activities offered in this digital bundle as pre- or post-field trip activities, either to introduce the lesson or to review what you learned at the Arboretum.

If you plan to use the digital bundle activities in your classroom prior to your in-person visit, please be sure to contact us ( and let us know! We would be thrilled to work with you to modify your in-person Sort It Out field trip to spend more time outside exploring the Arboretum, get up close and personal with the ti varieties featured in the digital activities, or whatever best suits your class’s needs!

Do you have more resources like this?

Yes! Please visit our K-12 Education page for information about all our digital resources!

Contact us

Other questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact us at (This email address will replace our old email address, effective 1/1/23. Beginning 1/1/23, please use You can also call our Education Department office at 808-988-0461