Access License: Lyon Arboretum Digital Education Resources

License for Lyon Arboretum Educational Materials

Last Updated September 2020

To download this license as a PDF: License Lyon Arboretum Educational Materials – 2020 Sept

This license lays out permitted uses of the Lyon Arboretum’s digital resources. For the purposes of this document, “we” refers to Lyon Arboretum’s Education Department.

Do: use this resource with your class, feeling able to make access available to your students’ parents/guardians if required

You are allowed to share the components of this digital bundle with your class for teaching purposes. You can do this in person (in the classroom) or online. We assume your students are minors, and you are allowed to share the contents of this bundle with their parents/guardians to allow them to help your students learn.

If you teach multiple classes, this license covers uses for all your classes and their parents/guardians. You are also permitted to use these resources with new classes you teach in the future (e.g., next school year).

Do not: give copies of this resource away for free

Please do not share the contents of this bundle with other teachers or schools.

We use the fees charged for access to these resources to keep our department afloat financially during this ongoing pandemic as we are unable to host in-person field trips. We strive to keep costs for teachers and students low while still earning enough to support our department and continue producing materials for Hawaii’s schools and our community at large.

If you know other teachers who would benefit from this resource but would find the cost of access prohibitive, please reach out to us directly at or encourage them to do the same. We may have some limited ability to partner with teachers or schools to bring the price of access to our materials down.

Do not: re-sell our work

(…But of course you knew that already.) Please do not re-sell this resource, in whole or in part, to any other person or organization. This includes the files (photographs, audio narration, etc) used to create these materials as well as the completed products themselves.

Do: feel free to modify these resources for your class

You are allowed to modify the contents of this bundle for use with your own class. Add photos, turn off narration, have fun with it. We want this resource to be helpful for you and your students and if that means tweaking it, go ahead.

Do: let us know what you think!

If you have suggestions for improvements, corrections, or other feedback, please let us know. Did you modify our materials and think other teachers would benefit from something similar? Is there more from us that you’d like to see? We would love to hear from you. We can be reached at (This email address will replace our old email address, effective 1/1/23. Beginning 1/1/23, please use