Marta González-Lloret


1890 East-West Rd.
Moore Hall 455
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 956-8519
Web page:


  • PhD. Department of Second Language Acquisition. University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa (Summer 2008). Dissertation title: “No Me Llames de Usted, Trátame de Tú”: L2 Address Behavior Development through Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication.
  • Curso de metodología de la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera. (Course on Teaching Methodology for Spanish as a Foreign Language) Instituto Cervantes and Department of Modern Languages, Universidad de Granada, Spain. (Summer 2005)
  • Graduate Advanced Certificate, Second Language Studies (Spring 2003)
  • Curso sobre la enseñanza y aprendizaje de la cultura en el aula de español como lengua extranjera. (Teaching and learning culture in the Spanish language classroom). Instituto Cervantes and  Universidad de Valladolid, Spain. (April 2002)
  • Master of Arts. Department of Linguistics, University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa. (Fall 1997). Thesis title: “SNOBOL and a study of Medieval Spanish. An application of computational linguistics to literary texts”.
  • Master of Arts. Department of European Languages and Literature, Specialization in Spanish Linguistics and Literature. University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa. (Spr. 1993)
  • Licenciatura – English Philology. Universidad de Valladolid, Spain (Spr.1991)

Courses Taught

  • Seminar in Spanish Linguistics (Span 658): Gramática Pedagógica del Español – UHM
  • Seminar in Computer-mediated Interpersonal Communications (LLEA 681C) -UHM
  • Seminar in Spanish Linguistics (Span 658): Gramática pedagógica y adquisición del español como L2-UHM
  • Seminar in Spanish Linguistics (Span 658): Spanish Applied Linguistics
  • Spanish in Society: Spanish Pragmatics (Span 400) -UHM
  • First year Spanish language ( Span 101, 102)/ Coordinator (Spr. 1996)- University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa
  • First year intensive course (Span 105) – UHM
  • Second year Spanish language (Span 202) / Coordinator (Spring 1997, Fall 2001, Spring 2003, Fall 2005)- UHM
  • Third year Conversation (Span 303) – UHM
  • Third year Grammar and Composition (Span 301 WI) – UHM
  • Third year Commercial Spanish (Span 306) – UHM
  • Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation (Span 330) – UHM
  • Spanish Reading (Span 300) – UHM
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers (Span 310) -UHM
  • The structure of Spanish (Span 452) – UHM
  • Methods for language teachers (LLL455) (On-line/Hybrid) – UHM
  • Integrating Technology into Language Instruction (SLS 68OP) – UHM
  • Instructional Media (SLS 418) – UHM
  • Fonética Contrastiva. Tercero Filología Inglesa – Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.
  • Análisis Pragmático. Quinto Filología Inglesa – Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.


One of my main interests is CALL (Computer assisted language learning). Most of my courses incorporate technology (webCT, Intenet, web-page creation, blogs, wikis, discussion forums, …) to learn Spanish in a practical manner. I enjoy teaching on line and I have created and maintain the LLEA department and its five-division web sites.

Professional Experience

See a complete list in my website

  • 2017- 2020. Co-editor. System Journal. Elsevier. (co-editor with X. Gao, U. Stickler & L. Zhang)
  • 2020-Currently. Book series co-editor. Task-Based Language Teaching. Issues, Research and Practice. Jon Benjamins.
    2016- Currently. Series Editor. Pragmatics and Language Learning. NFLRC. Hawaii.
  •  2015-Currently. Evaluator for the Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva (ANEP) of Spain (National Agency of Evaluation and Perspective).
  • 2015-2017. Head of Spanish, Portuguese & LAIS (Latin-American and Iberian Studies) (LLEA) UHM.
  • 2014-Currently. Academic Advisor. Voxy, Inc.
  • 2008- Currently. Affiliated Researcher. Center for the Advanced Study of Language (CASL). University of Maryland
  • 2013-2016. Associate Editor The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Wiley (Carol Chapelle- General Editor)
  • 2012-2016. Instructor of Technology for Teacher Trainers. Brunei-US Language Enrichment Program for ASEAN. East-West Center. UHM.
  • July 2014-2015. Materials Development Consultant. Otaru University of Commerce, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • August-October 2014. Visiting faculty. Instituto de Letras. Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil.
  • January – August 2012. Interim Director. Center for Language and Technology, College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature, UH Mānoa.
  • January-August 2012. Associate Director. National Foreign Language Research Center, UH Mānoa.
  • 2010-2011. Language Coach Off the Map, ABC TV series.


  • Board of Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching, University of Hawaii (April 2018).
  • Fulbright Specialist Candidate. Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB), U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA), and Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)(May 2013- currently).
  • College of LLL Excellence in Teaching Award (June 2013)
  • HALT Excellence in Teaching award (Hawaiian Association of Language Teachers) (March 2010)
  • University of Hawai‘i Research Council travel award (May 2009)
  • ‘Oihana Maika‘i Award for Research Excellence. Department of Second Language Studies. University of Hawai‘i (May, 2005)

Recent Publications

See a complete list in my website

  • (2021). Online collaboration through tasks for L2 pragmatic development. In P.G. Mayo (Ed.) In Working collaboratively in second/foreign language learning. (pp. 199-225). Trends in Applied Linguistics series. Berlin. Mouton de Gruyter.
  • (2020) Pragmatic development in L2: An overview. In K. P. Schneider & E. Ifantidou (Eds.), Developmental and Clinical Pragmatics (Handbook of Pragmatics Vol. 13) (pp. 237-268) Belin, Boston: De Gruyter Mouton.
  • (2020) Using technology-mediated tasks in second language instruction to connect. In R. Oliver & C. Lambert. Using tasks in diverse contexts (pp. 65-81). Multilingual Matters.
  • (2020) Thinking allowed: Technology-mediated task-based language teaching: A research agenda. Language Teaching. doi:10.1017/S0261444820000233 [with Bryan Smith]
  • (2020). Collaborative tasks for online language teaching. Foreign Language Annals.
  • (2020) Gaming alone or together? L2 beginner-level gaming practices. Special Issue: Games and play activities in the teaching of foreign languages Perspectiva Journal. [with M Diez Ortega & S. Payne]
  • (2020) Exploring the Interface of Interlanguage (L2) Pragmatics and Digital Spaces. CALICO Journal, 37, I-IX. DOI: 10.1558/cj.40433
  • (2019) Technology and L2 Pragmatics.  Annual Review of Applied Linguistics (ARAL). Cambridge University Press.
  • (2019) Task-Based Language Teaching and L2 Pragmatics. In N. Taguchi (Ed.) Routledge Handbook of SLA and Pragmatics. London: Routledge.

Recent Presentations

See  a complete list in my website

  • (February 2021). Technology-mediated Tasks for the development of pragmatic competence. Invited Webinar. TELLSI Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis SIG, Golestan University, Iran.
  • (January 2021). Online teaching: Tasks and Evaluation. 15hr Workshop. Centro de Estudios y Certificación de Lenguas Extranjeras. Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico.
  • (January 2021). TBLT, Needs Analysis & Technology. Invited Q&A session. Serveis Lingüístics de Barcelona, Spain.
  • (November 2020). TBLT in the Distance Language Classroom. Invited Online Talk. Columbia, Language Resource Center. Columbia University. US.
  • (October 2020). Technology-mediated TBLT. Invited Online Talk. TBLT at Issue: Online Discussions. Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  • (July 2020)- Invited Guest Speaker- Online task-based teaching: from needs analysis to learner assessment. [Online presentation] Trinity Language Council. Duke University, US.
  • (November 2019)- KEYNOTE SPEAKERLa adquisición de la lengua extranjera y la tecnología. LangTIC Conference. Universidad de Antioquia. Medellín, Colombia.
  • (October 2019)- KEYNOTE SPEAKER- Technology-mediated Tasks for the Development of L2 Pragmatics. AZCALL 2019. Arizona State University.
  • (August 2019). Invited ColloquiumOrganizer: Technology-mediated tasks: Development, implementation, and assessment. 2019 International Conference on Task-based Language Teaching. Ottawa, CA.
  • (July 2019)- Invited Guest Speaker. Technology-Mediated Task-Based Language Teaching. School of Language Studies. US Department of State Foreign Service Institute. Washington D.C.
  • (June 2019). Learning disagreement through social networks. Part of the panel L2 Speech Act Development in Virtual Worlds. IPRA Conference. Hong Kong.
  • (May 2019). Gaming for beginning learners. CALICO conference. Montreal, CA. (with M. Ortega and S. Payne)
  • (November 2018). Word clouds to promote intercultural awareness. 5th WorldCALL Conference- Concepción, Chile
  • (July 2018)-  KEYNOTE SPEAKERTechnology-mediated Task-based Language Learning: A Window into Other Worlds. New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT) Annual Conference. Auckland. New Zealand.
  • (February 2018). Invited online presentationAssessing Pragmatics. Pragmatics in Project-Based Language Learning Online Institute. NFLRC. University of Hawaii.

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