Summer 2019

TENTATIVE Course Offerings (Spanish, Portuguese, LAIS)


SPAN 101 through 202 (note that SPAN 101 is not offered in summer session 2).

SPAN 301 Language and Writing I (3) Improvement of Spanish vocabulary, language accuracy, and expression of ideas in Spanish through writing. Pre: 202 or 203 or 259, or consent. (First session only).

SPAN 305 Introduction to Spanish-English Translation (3) Practical introduction to Spanish-English translation with translations of texts from Spanish to English and the reverse. Pre: 301 or 310 or consent. (Second session only).

SPAN 351 Spanish Cultural Perspectives (3) Survey of the history and cultures of Spain. Pre: 301 or 310, or consent. DH (First session only).

Latin American and Iberian Studies

LAIS 372-B (Mesoamerica) Indigenous Peoples of Latin America (3) Survey of the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Latin America through a study of their literature, texts and practices. Repeatable one time for different alphas. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. (Cross-listed as ANTH 372 (B) DH. (First session only).

LAIS 380 Studies in Culture: Portugal and Brazil (3) Surveys the cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world from pre-Lusitanian times, including connections with Africa, Asia, the U.S., and Hawai‘i. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DH (First session only).


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