This academic year, Russian Club is happy to host high school students who are very interested in studying Russian at UH Manoa next year. High schoolers together with Russian 101 students and Russian majors participated in the quest on Russian presence at UH Manoa campus and got acquainted with major Russian cities, in which the majority of Russian population lives. The next Russian Club meeting is going to be in Hamilton Library to look at the books and materials from the Russian Collection.  Would you like to see old manuscripts and books printed in the 19th century? Miniatures and rare volumes printed in Tsarist Russia before 1917 and emigre materials? Please come to Hamilton Library on Wednesday, 20th, 2017 at 3:30PM. The Russian Librarian Patricia Polansky also will tell you about the benefactor of the Russian Program at UH Manoa, Ella Wiswell and will show her books brought from Ella’s family’s home in Nikolaevsk, then taken to Vladivostok in 1920, then to Yokohama, and finally to Honolulu. We are waiting for you in Room 310, which is on the 3rd floor.


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