Jean ToyamaProfessor Emerita of French

Jean Toyama

Creative writing: Kelli’s Hanauma Friends (2010), Prepositions (2016), The Piano Tuner’s Wife (2013) and Wild Elephants (2020).

Professor Toyama has been busy. The result: two books of poems, Kelli’s Hanauma Friends (2010) and Prepositions (2016) and two books of short stories, The Piano Tuner’s Wife (2013) and Wild Elephants (2020). She received the Cades Award for Emerging Writer in 2018 and is one of the recipients of the Ka Palapala Po’okela excellence award in literature, honorable mention, for No Choice But to Follow, (2019-Bamboo Ridge Press). This is a collaborative poetry work written with three other poets, concerning the murder of Joseph Kahahawai in 1932.