German Club

  • The German Club offers UHM faculty, students and staff a chance to explore German culture, through a regular Kaffeestunde, German Film Series and Stammtisch, as well as occasional excursions to film festivals, exhibits or operas.
  • For more information, contact Anna Hawajska-Waters:
  • Follow the German Club on Facebook: Der Deutschklub – UH

Tutors and Translators

Students enrolled in German classes should see their instructor(s) with any questions during office hours, or arrange a time to meet the instructor(s) by appointment. There is no charge for occasional help related to work assigned in our German courses. Peer tutoring is also available at Kaffeestunde.

Paid tutoring is available for students not enrolled in German classes and for members of the community. Terms must be negotiated with the individual providing the service. Rates vary according to task and the availability of services is not guaranteed. The German program and the University of Hawai’i are in no way responsible for these arrangements or for customer satisfaction with the services.


Jennie Tran:

Katinka Hammerich:

Jennie Tran:
Anna Hawajska:

Delta Phi Alpha (The National German Honorary Society)

Study Abroad, Scholarships, Internships and Research

UH Manoa Study Abroad Program (Summer in Berlin)

CBYX program:

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service):

Fulbright Scholar Program:


German Language Resources

Leo German-English dictionary:

Canoo German Dictionaries and Grammar:

BBC German Language Resources:

German News Resources

Podcasts (Audio and Video):

ARD – Tagesschau/Tagesthemen


Deutschland Radio –

Radio, Television, Newspapers and Newsmagazines:

Deutsche Welle (radio):

ARD – Tagesthemen (television):

ZDF – Heute (television):

Spiegel (weekly newsmagazine):

Die Zeit (weekly paper):

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich’s daily paper):

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Frankfurt’s daily paper):

Die Welt (Berlin’s daily paper):

Das Handelsblatt (Financial daily):

Neue Züricher Zeitung (Swiss daily paper):

Der Standard (Austrian daily paper):

German Book Donations

Have German books you would like to donate? Excellent!

Contact Hamilton Library at UHM.

They accept donations of 5 books or less at the circulation desk.

If you have a larger donation, please call 808-956-8227. Mahalo!