The UHM Italian program offers Elementary and Intermediate Italian language classes that include practice in all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) but which focus particularly on developing students’ abilities to communicate. Students who wish to continue studying Italian at the advanced level may arrange an individualized program at a language school or university in Italy through the UHM Study Abroad Program.

LLEA 236 ITALIAN FILM ONLINE TAUGHT IN ENGLISH, NO ITALIAN REQUIRED. NO TEXTBOOK. LEARN BY WATCHING MOVIES. INTERACT ONLINE AND ASYNCHRONOUSLY. Explore representations of organized crime in Italian cinema from the 1940s to the present day, from early fascist attempts to fight criminal clans, through the First and Second Mafia War, the ‘season of bombs’ and its martyrs. We will follow the evolution of the Mafia from local delinquents in rural Sicily to pervasive multifaceted and global phenomena through the works of prominent directors focusing on the intrusion of Cosa Nostra in every aspect of Italian society in common people's daily life, in national and international politics and finance, but also on the other the battle for legality fought by the heroes of AntiMafia, national organizations and common citizens in their daily lives. By exploring different genres and styles in conversation with Italian pop culture, we will learn how cinematic representations of mafia shape the North-South dichotomy, stereotypes of Italy and the Italians, and the contemporary understanding of cultural differences between Northern and Southern Italy.

Italian courses

ITAL 101 Elementary Italian (3)
ITAL 102 Elementary Italian (3)
ITAL 201 Intermediate Italian (3)
ITAL 202 Intermediate Italian (3)
LLEA 236 Italian Film (3)
LLEA 334 Italian Literature as Film (3)
LLEA 337 Italian Literature in Translation (3)

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