B.A. in Classics

The requirements for the Classics B.A. are flexible, allowing students to explore the world of Ancient Greece and Rome in a way that suits their strengths and interests. For example, students can emphasize coursework in Greek and Latin language, take courses taught in English in fields from across the University (for example, in History, Philosophy, Religion, and Art), or a combination of the two.

The goal of the program is to introduce students to a fascinating culture whose influence is still felt today, while providing them with a broad intellectual training that will prepare them for a career in any field (Classicists commonly go on to law and medical school, as well as a wide range of graduate programs and careers). The requirements for the Classics B.A., its Student Learning Outcomes, and Program Map can be found here.

Certificate in Classics

The Certificate in Classics consists of 15 credit hours of Greek and/or Latin courses numbered 300 and above OR 12 credit hours of Greek and/or Latin courses numbered 300 and above, plus Greek 101–102 for students wishing to emphasize Latin and Latin 101–102 for those wishing to emphasize Greek—the goal being the same as the goal of the major, to read and demonstrate an understanding of classical literary texts in the original languages (see above). On completing the certificate, students will be able to demonstrate a reading knowledge of classical authors in the original, their individual writing styles both in prose and in poetry, and their place in the context of classical culture.

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature Policy on Second Language Back Credit

Petition for Back Credits:

All students (including native speakers of a language) with experience in another language other than English may earn “back credits.” These students may take any UHM course, appropriate to their level, in which there is significant use of that language. (Appropriate level determined by placement exam or adviser; significant use determined by the course content.) Upon completion of this course* with a letter grade of C (not C-) or better, may petition between 3-16 back credits. Please note that a “W” grade received for university language courses will make you ineligible for back credits when taking subsequent courses. For more information please visit UH Manoa General Education Policy on Second Language Back Credits (pdf).

*Only first instance of a course.

Petition form for back credits


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