General LLEA Courses

Courses given in English do not require knowledge of a foreign language.

LLEA 236 Italian Film (3) Study of Italian film history and technique. A-F only. DH

LLEA 270 Freaks and Monsters (3) Monsters, freaks and otherness in literature, film, history and medicine. Suitable for non-literature majors. DL

LLEA 320 German Cinema (3) Introduction to German film history, form, style, theory and analysis. DH

LLEA 334 Italian Literature as Film (3)Exploration of the distinction between literature and film as artistic genres as well as study of major works of literature in respect to the present, from the Middle Ages through the 20th century. A-F only. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DL

LLEA 337 Topics in Italian Literature in Translation (3)Introduction to Italian literature in translation, with varying topics in different iterations. Repeatable one time. Sophomore standing or consent. DL

LLEA 340 Classical German Literature (3) Readings in translation from dramatic works of Lessing, Goethe, Schiller. Philosophic and aesthetic views of leading writers of the Enlightenment, Storm and Stress, and classical periods. DL

LLEA 342 German Fascism and Propaganda (3) Study of German fascism and propaganda in German literature, art and film. Lecture / Discussion. DH

LLEA 350 Russian Short Story (3) Origin and development (19th and 20th century); periods, themes, styles, and major authors. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DL

LLEA 351 19th-Century Russian Literature (3) Survey of major writers from Pushkin through Chekhov; lectures, discussions, short papers. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DL

LLEA 352 Russian Literature 1900-1950 (3) Survey of major Russian writers from 1900-1950. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DL

LLEA 353 20th-Century Russian Arts and Culture (3) Aspects of culture (literature, film, theater, music, arts, etc.) in 20th century Russian society. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DH

LLEA 354 Russian Literature Today (3) Survey of contemporary authors and their works for perspective of reality and poetic representation. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DL

LLEA 355 Russian Film (3) A study of Russian film from its early days to the present. Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DH

LLEA 371 Europeans in the Pacific (3) European presence in the Pacific, in relation to literature, art, culture, civilization. Not applicable to language requirement. (Section 1 taught in Hawaiian. Pre: HAW 202 or consent. Section 2 taught in English.) DL

LLEA 376 (Alpha) History of World Cinema (3) Film as a reflection of the 20th century’s social, cultural and political upheavals: (B) World Cinema (1890s to 1950s); (C) World Cinema (1960s to present). Pre: sophomore standing or consent. DH

LLEA 390 Teaching Practicum in Large Lecture Courses (1) Supervised undergraduate teaching practicum in large-lecture LLEA courses. Repeatable two times. CR/NC only. Pre: completion of course in which practicum will be done and consent of instructor, no waiver.

LLEA 416 German Literature, Culture and Film: 1989 to Present (3) Study of German literature, culture and film, 1989 to present. Credit cannot be earned for both GER 416 and LLEA 416. DH

LLEA 470 Freaks and Monsters 2: The Ethics of Otherness (3) An interdisciplinary examination of corporeal Otherness. Unusual real and fictional bodies from fairground history, art, anatomy, literature, natural history and ethnology. Discussion of the moral, medical, philosophical and aesthetic dilemmas of spectacular difference. Pre: 270 or consent. DH

LLEA 471 (Alpha) Fantasy and the Fantastic (3) Cross-cultural study of fantasy and the fantastic in short stories, fairy tales, films and novels from Europe and the Americas in English translation. Discussion of illusion, identity, time, the future, the bizarre and major concepts in fantasy literature. (B) fairies, devils and fantasy; (C) the fantastic, the strange and science fiction. Repeatable one time in different alphas. Pre: 270 or consent. DL

LLEA 500 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master’s Plan B or C candidate and consent.

LLEA 630 Seminar in Research Methods (3) Study of basic research methods and tools, including technology. Print and electronic source materials. Information literacy. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

LLEA 671 Western Literature and Cultures in the Pacific (3) Impact of and reaction to western writings and cultural influences in the Pacific as represented in texts from the 16th century to the present. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

LLEA 680 (Alpha) Topics in Literature (3) Study in English of a topic, period, or genre; aesthetic considerations common to European literatures: (B) the modern novel; (C) European literature as a path to self-knowledge; (D) Middle Ages; (E) introduction to literary theory. MA candidates in European languages read works in their major in the original. Pre: graduate standing or consent of department chair.

LLEA 681 (Alpha) Topics in Language (3) Study in English of topics, periods, etc., in the languages taught in the department: (B) comparison of Romance languages; (C) interpersonal communication; (D) social perspectives. Repeatable. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

LLEA 699 Directed Research (V) Pre: consent of department chair.

LLEA 700 Thesis Research (V)


LLEA 199 Directed Language Study (V) Study in European languages not taught regularly, depending on demand and staff. Pre: consent of department chair.

LLEA 399 Directed Reading (V) Pre: limited to senior majors with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 or a minimum GPA of 3.0 in major, and consent of department chair.

LLEA 499 Directed Reading and Research (V) Independent study of approved reading and research with faculty supervision. Repeatable two times. A-F only. Pre: consent and departmental approval.


Our faculty also teach the following College level courses

LLL 455 Second Language Learning and Teaching Methodology (3) Hybrid technology intensive course for pre- or in-service teachers of world languages. Topics: online learning, curriculum and lesson planning, assessment, language teaching approaches, technology for learning world languages.



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